Snow in Morocco far, far earlier than usual

“North Africa snow confirmed too, says reader Ahmed.

“Here in Morocco , all mountain ranges except Anti Atlas are covered by snow. Too early for authorities , who didn’t prepare and roads blocked . Usually snow arrive in December , never it was October !

9 thoughts on “Snow in Morocco far, far earlier than usual”

  1. What’s a few days! Remember, global warming causes more snow and cold. This is the new normal! Did I get that right?

    • Correct.

      AL Gore just forgot to remind us that as it gets hotter, every year, there will be a few decades of freezing, snow and hail, on the gradual path to absolute Global Warming.

      Also, Al Gore forgot to tell us that during Man Made Global Warming the temperature may go down a lot, but that is just part of the warming trend. Ok? Got that?

  2. Peace be upon you, Ahmed. You are telling the truth.
    29/10/2018 The Middle Atlas has put on its winter clothes. The localities of Imouzzer, Ifrane, Michlifen and El Hajeb experienced, this weekend, heavy snowfall. More than 30 cm of beautiful powder, even 50 on the heights, thus cover the whole region. Note that the thermometer constantly displays -1 ° C. Side roads, vigilance is required.

  3. You talk how media is cherry picking data to create an ilusion of global warming but arent you doing the same? I am all in favor of global cooling but lets be objective. Here in Croatia we had the longest warm season that I remember, heck its november and during the day I am sweating in T-shirt. Cant hardly sleep because of mosquitoes.

  4. I`m sure Ahmed is correct on his assertion, but independent verification would add more weight to his claim.

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