Snow in the Alps brings life! It renews glaciers!

“Snow in winter is NORMAL, even these kinds of events.” – H.B. Schmidt
(Referring to the unprecedented snowfall in the Alps.

Snow in the Alps brings life! It renews glaciers!

H.B. Schmidt

First off, my sympathies to the victims who died in skiing accidents and those avalanches.

Secondly, congratulations to the Austrians and Swiss (as well as the Tirol Germans, etc.) who weather this kind of, um, weather with the atypical stoicism and resolve of seasoned snow season residents. Unlike in America where an inch in certain places would bring entire cities to their knees, these people are time-worn experts on dealing with all this snow.

Thirdly, and I cannot stress this enough, there had better not be ANY bitching by the AGW antagonists who proselytize that Alpine glaciers are doomed, doomed, doomed unless we eliminate our CO2 emissions. I am so tired of the endless lies spewing from the likes of Steyer, Mann, Schmidt, Gore and their ilk for pretending that (a) the future can be known and (b) rapid change to the colder isn’t possible. It is! It’s how I believe the northernmost latitudes could become snowed over leading to a new ice age. None of the so-called climate scientists even want to study the mechanisms behind how a new ice age begin. They’re only focused on potential teleconnections between CO2 levels and warmer weather disasters. But there is every reason to believe it is possible that NORMAL conditions could come together in just the right way to lead to year-round snowpack that, through albedo feedback processes, continue their thickening into actual ice, or firn.

The EU has been one of the most vocal proponents about eliminating fossil fuels to stave off the most dire consequences of our modern fossil-fueled society. Most of their commerce is shipped by river, much tourism is dependent upon adequate snowfall high in the Alps, all the residents are dependent upon adequate meltwater to replenish groundwater, and for these reasons an event of this nature should be proudly celebrated. Snow in the Alps brings life! It renews glaciers! It adds to necessary albedo as Arctic albedo declines! And snow in winter is NORMAL, even these kinds of events. Let the AGW freaks spin this as evidential of mankind’s insatiable desire to improve life, but for those who really are in the know, this is simply normal weather with many positive effects in the region overall.

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  1. The big freeze is coming and on this very day the government here in the UK announce that they will ban the burning of logs and coal on open fires. Go figure.

  2. EU…”eliminating fossil fuels…”.
    Well, maybe not the ones from Russia.
    Bunch of hypocrites.
    We have the solar decline which is “built in” cooling.
    In the Northern Hemisphere, the last two summers have seen less snow lost than fell in the winter season.
    It is not so much the amount of snowfall, but the amount lost.
    Less on the latter, and Mr. Albedo does his thing.

  3. There is someone with a lie. Someone hate you and all of you kind. All they want is to destroy you.

    These people do not believe the AWG story. The believe you should vanish. Thats all.

    No one with a function min belives the AWG story. They are out to get you. It is malicious for real.

  4. There is about 616 grams of CO2 in every TONNE of the atmosphere.

    Anyone who thinks that tiny amount of an inert trace gas controls the climate is either a liar on cannot think straight.

    It really is that simple !

    • I did the calc on the so called gigatonnes of CO2 emitted by humans , numbers just to scare the populace. A few Gt of CO2 = 1 molecule in 1000000000! In the entire atmosphere. They (warmists idiots) havent a clue on the atmospheric mass = approx 10^15 kg!
      They arent interested in real geophysical data, too much for them

    • Every graph I see shows 400-450 ppm (parts per million) CO2 in the atmosphere. The concentration of precious metals are provided in g/t (grams per metric ton).

  5. “Snow in winter is NORMAL”

    Indeed it is for 3 to 5 months of the year. When you see winter like conditions beyond that like up to 9 or more months of the year or better then you are either too close to the poles or you are moving into or are in an ice age of some sort.

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