Snow into Florida!

Urgent – Winter Weather Message from the National Weather Service. Power outages and tree damage likely.

Map of Forecast Area
National Weather Service Jacksonville FL
316 PM EST Tue Jan 2 2018


* WHAT…Heavy mixed precipitation expected. Very cold wind chills expected. Power outages and tree damage are likely due to the ice. Travel will be dangerous and nearly impossible, including during the morning commute on Wednesday. Total snow accumulations of up to 3 inches and ice accumulations of one tenth to one half of an inch are expected. Expect wind chills to range from 30 above zero to 10 above zero.* WHERE…Portions of northeast Florida, northern Florida and southeast Georgia.

* WHEN…For the Winter Storm Warning, 4 AM Wednesday to 5 PM Wednesday. The heaviest snowfall rates and greatest ice accumulation will occur between 7 AM and 1 PM Wednesday. For the Wind Chill Advisory, 1 AM Wednesday and 9 AM Thursday. The coldest wind chills will occur around 6 AM Thursday.

* ADDITIONAL DETAILS…Look for significant reductions in visibility at times. The cold wind chills will cause frostbite in as little as 30 minutes to exposed skin.

Hamilton-Suwannee-Columbia-Baker-Inland Nassau-Union-Gilchrist-Coffee-Jeff Davis-Bacon-Appling-Wayne-Atkinson-Ware-Pierce-Brantley-Inland Glynn-Coastal Glynn-Echols-Clinch-Charlton-Inland Camden-Coastal Camden-

Including the cities of Jasper, Jennings, West Lake, Belmont,White Springs, Houston, Live Oak, McAlpin, Newburn, Suwannee Springs, Columbia, Lake City, Oleno State Park, Lulu, Watertown, Macclenny, Olustee, Ratliff, Hilliard, Kings Ferry,Bryceville, Lake Butler, Trenton, Douglas, Hazlehurst, Alma, New Lacy, Baxley, Pine Grove, Plant Hatch, Doctortown, Gardi, Jesup, Axson, Pearson, Willacoochee, Needham, Waycross, Blackshear, Atkinson, Hickox, Hortense, Nahunta, Raybon, Waynesville, Hoboken, Thalmann, Jekyll Island, Glynn Haven,
Sea Island, St. Simons, Country Club Estate, Dock Junction, Needmore, Statenville, Homerville, Folkston, St. George, Winokur, Homeland, Race Pond, Stephen Foster State Park, Colesburg, Tarboro, Waverly, Woodbine, Dover Bluff, Kingsland, and Dungeness

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14 thoughts on “Snow into Florida!”

  1. I guess my brother in Tallahassee will be happy to see it. A few years ago he drove north to visit me “hoping” he’d see snow. We do get it on occasion (and are expecting heavy snows tomorrow)… but not always.

    I suggested he drive further North, however as I do not like it at all.

  2. It should be easier to catch the pythons and other critters that don’t belong in Florida if this trend continues.

  3. Snowing this morning in Tallahassee with temperature of 30 degrees. But as we all know, snow in Florida is entirely consistent with catastrophic warming and clearly shows the need for a huge carbon tax. Right!

  4. When it snows in a state that usually doesn’t get snow, it’s especially bad. No one knows how to drive in snow, the power lines and plumbing aren’t built to withstand snow and ice, and in general, it’s an awful mess.

  5. Missed the snow in N. Alabama, but hasn’t been above freezing in over 36 hours.

    Gotta love global warming!!

  6. In NY, we have insulated houses, firewood, winter tires, but it’s got to be tougher for the south because they aren’t prepared for winter like we are in the north. I imagine the houses and cars are not winterized. They are probably running electric heaters like mad. Hopefully the power grid can handle it. We prepare up here; we could be snowed in for a month and be fine. Although it’s taking it’s toll on the unprepared up north as well. Getting lots of calls for firewood and we will be running out soon this week(we have our firewood saved separately). People realizing their oil/propane is burning more rapidly than expected, and the animals eating double the hay for body heat as they planned. We will be running out of hay for sale soon too. Don’t know how they will keep their hay consuming animals fed if this arctic weather keeps up. We plan for the worst so my hay stash is good. Plus meat rabbits are super efficient and easy keepers. You won’t see this on the TV news; they’re too lazy or in denial.

    • Quite right Barb! I live in Smithfield, Virginia , quite a bit north of Florida (tho 2 of my brothers are there). Houses in the South are poorly insulated (and quite a few are on slabs, which are colder than being on foundations). And here we have several additional problems:

      1. lots of people are here from Northern states (mainly in the military) who think they know how to drive in snow (in addition to all those who come from the South), so a real mix of drivers on the roads.

      But … even those from the North who have driven in snow before don’t realize the road conditions here are much worse with a lot less snow or ice on the roads, because our Department of Transportation has not a clue how to treat the roads; many never get plowed, salted or sanded… and they don’t have enough snow plows anyway. So much more hazardous driving then places where road crews are experienced and know how to handle snow and ice on the roads.

      2. Many people have “heat pumps” as their source of fuel, which are really air conditioners that have an option to run heat… in theory, but can’t really handle frigid temperatures. I thought my heater was not working this AM, eventually I got it working but I had to set it to 85 and put on the emergency heat button (then turn it off again) for it to even start up. I had set it originally to 70 and it was below 50 (F) and not kicking in. Scary during a blizzard.

      3. It seems to me a lot of people lose power more frequently then I ever experienced in New England. I think this is due to the fact that we have lots of very tall trees with shallow roots, that are much more prone to falling over… along with only above ground power lines.

      4. Lots of people do not have warm clothes, because they either think they will not need them or they are not as available in stores. One time I went looking for a warmer coat around February when we got snow here for the first time since I had moved here… and all there were in the stores were bathing suits and summer dresses. You have to know to stock up on warmer clothes or know where to get them online.

      oh well… at least our spring tends to come earlier!

  7. Every GLOBAL WARMING (Man Made) computer climate model accurately predicted this, according to Al Gore………so relax…..Global Cooling is just part of Global Warming and the Warming (Man Made) will resume shortly.

    Note, this is nothing but “warm” snow and freezing. Without the Man Made GLobal Warming, this snow would be colder, ya know.

    PS: This COOLING is not Man Made..only the Warming. OK?

  8. Snow here in Charleston,SC and 26F at 1pm. All white outside!
    The ice age cycle is coming along very well……..

  9. I read this book 10+ years ago, and the author’s ideas never left me.

    In the final chapter, Felix makes a statement something like, “And if we’re headed to Florida, expecting warmer weather, but we end up in Alaska, we’re totally unprepared.”

    From Toronto down the Niagara Peninsula, the weather really isn’t all that bad. It’s much worse to the south of here right now.

    But, “I dunno.” I’m not a meteorologist.

    I strongly feel, though, that maybe, just maybe, he could be right.

    Something to think about, at any rate.


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