Snow in London, shouts headline

But this video shows what a pitiful small amount of snow it was. 

Snow hit London yesterday as forecasters warned temperatures were set to fall as low as -10C (14F) in some parts of the UK.

One Londoner tweeted: “London has four flakes of snow!!!! And they are getting ready for another four flakes later on today.”

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

“Remember the year 2000 article about the greatest climate moron of the century, David Viner?” asks Argiris. He said, “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past. Children just aren´t going to know what snow is.”
Anthony Watts has preserved this article that was erased by The Independent.

“This complete moron describes himself as: ´someone who has worked at the highest level globally in the climate change arena´ That´s right, utter and complete nonsense is indeed the highest level globally in the climate change arena.”

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  1. There is nothing abnormal happening in UK weather right now. We had a few days of northerlies so Scotland and the east coast of England got a bit of snow.

    Today temperatures rose in the north, bringing rain to the Scottish mountains.

    All normal start of winter weather…..

    • That is completely wrong! around the country saw a week below average temps and that is according to Met Office data.

      Winter doesn’t start until end of December, so it’s not actually winter yet, meteorology uses the first of months when discussing seasons for ease but the changes that take place around around the 20th of December.

      In South Wales for example where I am, the average temps for this time of year is around 12 high and 5 low while we had 3 high and minus 2 low, that is well below average temps.

      In fact the average low for the entire winter for most of the UK is not less than zero so the fact the coldest months statistically are Jan and February with a average low of zero, having -2 in November (autumn) is well below normal.

      Try checking the met office data and see for your self

  2. David Viner – there is one far worse – Michael Mann an over promoted AGW alarmist responsible for the most damaging, faulty climate model developed with Public Money with the East Anglia climate gate university which can only run away into a Venus blast furnace outcome. The hockey stick graph was its designed objective. This is why the UK science establishment has recently announced that climate models need regular resetting so that they stay close to reality, but still forecast warming by the end of the next Solar Warm Period and the start of an even deeper Grand Solar Minimum period.
    Mann a legend in his own name, and a chief tenured professor of climate propaganda in charge of the education of future climate managers and leaders in the US and Canadian civil service.

  3. I have recently been pointing out how the news goes wild with reports of hear waves in the UK and goes viral on Twitter and Facebook over a few days of actually normal temps and one instance where for a five minute window it’s warmer than average (at Heathrow airport weather station) while it’s only brief actual warmth the scream heat wave despite our met office defining heat wave as 5 or 7 consecutive warmer than average days… all still ignoring that the weather oscillators and average lies in the approx middle of the oscillation so why act like above average (however brief) is not normal when it bloody is… most days weather will be above or below average, average is a made up abstract value that doesn’t even have to exist in a dataset in which case you see it’s ALWAYS below or above average.

    Yet this cold spell that brought a wide spread snow and even a flake or two to the warmest part of the UK ( The concrete jungle that is London) was actually 6 consecutive days of below average instead of the 5 minute high that was a so called heatwave, not only did it lasts about a a week in regions it was significantly colder than average with temps that were 7 degrees
    below the norm and there were 3 consecutive days in November that were colder than and as cold as the average low for our entire winter. That’s right, statistically our coldest months are January and February and in November over three days we had colder than the average for those months that’s including the average high and average low and when it wasn’t 2 degrees colder than the winter average it was equal to it… let’s not forget November is technically Autumn too so it’s not even winter yet. So where was the hysteria from all the media and social media… while they did react to the snow the snow was days into this significant cold event so their hysteria was only over the snow and before that the countries media totally ignored the major cold spell in Autumn… now why would the media be exhibiting such a bias? even if you believe in warning you’d still cover cold as it’s a news alert to be prepared, as an example I actually crashed my bike on ice hence it should be covered as news just as warmth is… unless you have a propaganda agenda of course and to be the years of obvious warmth bias shows that’s the reality here, they have an agenda where they exhibit confirmation bias even across all media. Bearing in mind Tax funds the BBC so that it has no bias or conflict of interest do again why the lack of equality in reporting… if course we here know why

  4. The UK is very London-centric as that is where all the media are based. Weather reporting is very biased because of that. Other parts of the country may have a few inches of snow but just half an inch in London will get us big headlines of freeze, snow chaos etc. It has been hovering around snow temp but nothing much so far. That might change next week…but then so might the super accurate model before then.

  5. In early 1963 a man drove a car across the frozen River Thames in London. That was a real winter. 1 mm of snow in London today and the emergency gritting teams are on standby.

    • No that’s not a real winter, that is an extreme winter, way below the average winter conditions for the UK, including Scotland and only happens if you’re lucky about every 20 years so not a real winter, winter is winter, we have one every year, while it swings between above average, average and below, they are all normal and all build up the pattern that is our average winter weather

  6. Einstellung. It is the roadblock we set up against any information our dogma does not allow us to accept. A friend of mine was so proud to tell me that she saw Al Gore’s new movie; that when I said I thought all of his “science” has been de-bunked she went into a fury! Bind rage! I am an as#%**#! because I can see the truth.
    This is a warning to any who would try and ‘esplain anything to a climate zombie (or any other kind) YOU WON”T WIN! Don’t believe me? Try talking to a Flat Earther! Yuri Bezmenov (youtube) will tell you how they did it. All civilizations have fallen. We are next…(sigh!)

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