Snow in May in Serbia – Video

At least 10 cm (4 inches) of snow destroyed raspberry plantations, some people’s only source of income.

The same plantations were previously damaged by never ending rains.

In some parts of the country is cold as in the middle of winter.

More photos from Serbia:

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5 thoughts on “Snow in May in Serbia – Video”

  1. The only good thing is that raspberry plants are very tough and will grow back next year. Hope they can hold on and find something else to earn a living with this year.

  2. Can somebody help me? I cannot figure this out.
    Monday May 16: At this link I clicked on “Highs & Lows” :

    “Low Temperature for Saturday, May 14, 2016
    (As received by 06 UTC May 15)
    19 at Langdon, ND
    19 at Hill City, SD
    19 at Ekalaka, MT
    19 at 1 mile south of Ridgeway, MT”

    But when I look up Ekalaka I get May avg temp 66/41
    66 forecast for Tuesday, and 72/46 for Wednesday
    Altitude of Ekalaka is 3400′. Ridgeway is 3300′. Most of Montana is that or more.
    Langdon, ND is 1600′ & the county seat; couldn’t find weather

  3. I’m certainly no warmist but it’s not cold everywhere. I live in Sydney Australia and we are having a fantastically warm autumn. Today was 27 C and it feels just like summer. The average May temperature is about 19 – 20 C.

    • because the indian ocean warmth is coming across the inland picking up warm and dropping some moisture on the way
      look at the BoM sat charts
      its the natural follow on from the westerly push prior due to the elnino
      OUR la nina pdo cycles ramping up for rain soon
      ie our summer wasnt overly warm was it?
      in spite of the wild loud claims by the agenda’ed ones

  4. And snow was supposed to be a thing of the past in winter by now? Mind you, this is the middle of May!
    The next ice age is certainly on track.

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