Snow in the middle of July in Schefferville

“An exceptional situation.”

The community of Schefferville in northern Quebec has seen its summer shortened by Mother Nature. Snow fell during the night, and the temperature was very cool.

The mercury hit 1 degree Celsius on Wednesday morning at Schefferville and the slush was seen by many citizens.

Although this was “an exceptional situation,” it did not surprise local resident Francis Desy. “This is not normal to see this kind of weather in the month of July, but on the other hand, it is the reality of our city located near the 55th parallel,” said Mr. Desy.

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8 thoughts on “Snow in the middle of July in Schefferville

  1. If we are going into an ice age, expect to see snow in these parts of the world more often – especially out of season snow.

  2. nice that one local at least is mellow about it -)
    wheres the ones crying co2 dunnit its warming etc?
    oh media couldnt find them cos they were inside with heaters on maybe?

  3. One way of making sense of our current and changing climate: .. Whereas, yes, as we’ve witnessed Hot conditions in parts of the US, we’re also witnessing continuing reports of exceptional Cold conditions in the Northern States as well as Canada. .. .. This phenomenon applies to similar applicable areas of the rest of the Northern Hemisphere – as well as the Southerly areas of the Southern Hemisphere.. … Here on Long Island (NY) –
    (which was formed by forward sand and rocks of the huge advancing glaciers which in turn stopped their Southerly advance when they hit the Atlantic Ocean), our weather – as noted by gardeners .. appears to be 3 Weeks to a Month behind schedule…. One rough correlating line separaing the Cold from the Warm might be noted in glaciation maps. . The land North of these Lines on this Map of the prior 2 glaciations became Total ICE!

  4. My home city, Belfast, is near the 55th parallel and we have had no snow here the past two winters.

  5. In the state of “Misery”: hot and holding. In the 90’s, heat index over 100, no end in sight. In other words, disgustingly normal.

    Ice age? This is the Show Me state! And could we please start with the summers!

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