Snow more than 10 ft deep at Balea Lake

In the middle of summer.

16 July 2019 – Although we are in July, Balea Lake is an unexpected landscape.

Tourists photographed how, in a parking lot, the snow measures more than three meters high (more than 10 ft.).

Some have been taken by surprise, and in pictures you can see that they are walking in sandals.

Bâlea Lake is a glacier lake situated at 2,034 m of altitude in the Făgăraș Mountains, in central Romania.

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Thanks to Alex Tanase in Romania for this link

“The photos were published on the Facebook Meteoplus page,” says Alex.

6 thoughts on “Snow more than 10 ft deep at Balea Lake”

  1. It is very unusual, even the snow in the picture looks more like leftover from last winter. I’ve been many times at Bâlea Lac but I’ve never seen snow in July. On 12 July 2019 it did snow about 3 cm/1″.
    “It’s snowing in the “moon of furnace” in the mountains. Thursday night, at Omu peak (2504 m ~ 8350 ft), the wind blew snow and the thermometer showed -1.8 degrees Celsius.

    At about 2,000 meters above sea level a layer of about 3 centimeters was laid, but it will not last for too long. It is unusually cold for this period, and the weather will continue to be capricious over the coming days

    In Bucegi Plateau, snow began Thursday evening at 9 o’clock and lasted until 3 o’clock in the morning. Impressed by the unprecedented change of weather, a tourist located near Omu Chalet recorded blizzard images. In the morning, the mist shrouded the mountains, and the sun showed its face hard through the clouds.

    The Meteorologist at Weather Station Omu: ” It is not a common phenomenon, but not totally unusual; when I remember, I was on duty and I had snow in July was in 2011, when I had a layer of 4-5 cm. ”

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