More snow for Northeast this week

More snow for Northeast this week

Winter storm watch for 33 million people – Heavy wet snow to hit areas still cleaning up from last week’s nor’easter. 

The National Weather Service has issued winter storm watches for parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and almost all of New England. Affected cities include Boston, New York City, Albany, Hartford and Portland.

Winter Weather Alerts – 5 Mar 18 – Nat’ll Weather Svc

As much as 6 to 9 inches (15 to 23 cm) of snow could fall starting late Tuesday. Some areas could get as much as a foot.

The storm is part a winter storm now traversing the Great Plains that has prompted blizzard warnings from North Dakota to Nebraska.

More than one-third of the U.S. is covered by snow, the most for March 5 since 2015

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7 thoughts on “More snow for Northeast this week”

  1. Third blizzard in a row in the US so far this March! California, New York and now the Northern Plains. Doesn’t look like snow is a thing of the past anytime soon.

  2. The local guys here in the Northeast are saying that there will be small bands up to 16 inches.That’s pretty good for a March storm.

  3. Maybe snow over more area. That previous storm was very strong offshore, however it wasn’t all snow in MassChussetts, though more area than forecast, this one might be more snow to the coast, have to wait and see, it snowed a lot more coastally with the last one than they thought, though.

  4. There are essentially no portable electric generators left for sale in the Northeast. Those that weren’t bought earlier for shipment to Puerto Rico have been snapped up by people left without power due to the last storm. Good luck if you lose power in this storm.

  5. Weather in Moscow: strong March frosts and the first spring thaw

    The Balkan cyclone is replaced by an area of ​​high atmospheric pressure formed in the Arctic air. The first half of this week, the cold anticyclone will cause strong March frosts.
    In Moscow, at night it is forecast to -15 …- 17°C, in some places up to -19°C, in the region – up to -23°C, in the afternoon air can warm up to -5 …- 10ºC.

    Video – At the end of last week, on March 1 and 2, when bad weather was raging in the UK, the Airbus A380-800 passenger liners that arrived at Birmingham airport were forced to land in extreme conditions.

  6. It looks like it’s snowed some in Chicago again already, plus the blizzard in the Dakotas, from the setup it could be quite a storm.

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