Snow in northern Mexico

“It has become steadily colder here,” says reader Alan Stover. “The headline of this article in a local paper stated “Cold Front 30 to bring snow to the north of Mexico”

The article went on to say “Mexico. – Cold Front number 30 and the air mass driving it will cause moderate to strong rain, intense wind and a temperature drop in the north of the country, whereas in the mountainous zones of Chihuahua and Durango snow fall is anticipated.”

Ice mantle covers Arteaga

Another article from this morning’s edition headlines “Manto de hielo cubre Arteaga” (Ice mantle covers Arteaga).

Generally, over the last few months tourism has been down and some hotel operators are struggling financially. Also, we have seen price increases in some basic staple goods.

Oh for some good global warming!

Alan Stover
Saltillo, Mexico

3 thoughts on “Snow in northern Mexico”

  1. The temperature”here has also taken a turn to average to below average in less than 48hrs! The “Weatherman” have been “wrong”so far this week!

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