Snow for parts of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming this weekend

A winter storm warning was issued on Thursday for much of southern Montana. 

The National Weather Service reported that some 8 to 14 inches of snow was possible above 7,000 feet, making travel in high country difficult and tree and power line damage possible.

Snowfall rates were expected to peak on Friday, then gradually end on Saturday.

In Idaho, rain or snow was forecast for parts of Fremont, Clark, Teton, Butte, Custer and Caribou counties. At night temperatures in these areas could drop into the 20s or 30s.

In western Wyoming a winter weather advisory was in effect with snow levels lowering to 7,000 feet by late Friday. Snowfall was expected to be heavy at times through Friday night. Between 5 to 8 inches was expected, according to NWS.

Snow forecast for Montana, parts of Idaho and Wyoming this weekend

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4 thoughts on “Snow for parts of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming this weekend”

  1. We were in the Black Hills three days ago and the temp was 89 in mid-afternoon at Crazy Horse. The clerks were talking about lows in the thirties coming by the weekend and I thought at first they were kidding. Wow!

  2. Snow fell in Lapland. As reported by the Finnish portal Yle, in the northern and central parts of the region on the night of Friday and the morning of September 15, light snow and snow with rain passed.

    It is noted that the snow melted quickly and that a repetition of the nature’s fad is not expected next week.

    Curiously, the previous time snow in Lapland fell relatively recently – in early July in Peltovuoma in Enonteki.

  3. In Idaho’s panhandle 90 miles south of Canada we saw temps in the 90’s to mid 90’s 2 weeks ago and have seen two times a 70 degree drop. We are normally going through a transition about now and it’s normally still in the upper 60’s and 70’s.

    Insects have disappeared, the gophers are making very large mounds which means they are going deep. We are 6 weeks at least ahead in our normal transition in this part of the state.

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