Snow piling up in southeastern Australia

“Exceptionally cold for the start of May in many areas.”

Snow started settling on Australia’s highest mountains on Wednesday night. By Friday morning, some ski resorts had picked up more than 30cm (a foot) of fresh snow.

Image: Snow at Mount Hotham, Vic on Friday. Source: Hotham Alpine Resort.

More snow is forecast for parts of Tasmania, Victoria and NSW over the weekend. By Sunday, some parts of the alps will have seen more than half a metre of fresh snow, an impressive dump for the start of May.

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9 thoughts on “Snow piling up in southeastern Australia”

  1. Snow and Australia are not two things I think of together. I will now!
    Learn something new every day….

    • Rob, never ever believe anything without research. Bet you were told the Australian bush fires were caused by climate change. Fact! The bush fires are a part of life on this continent . The severity of the fires was excaserbated by green policies which override proven forest management policies.
      Similar problems in USA I believe.
      Secondly all Australians know we only have 3 seasons in Australia, Drought, Fire & Flood. It happens every year & has been the case for hundreds of thousands of years.
      You should visit us. A suprisingly beautiful country……..not to mention us beautiful people!

    • It snows here, we have a ski area, but the end of April is a little early. Not unprecedented though.

      I think it will be cool winter, and maybe the turn into the GSM

    • Australia not only has snowfields that are about 2 – 3 as large in area as Switzerland there is also a larger amount of snow annually.

      There are no permanent snow fields however – maybe 4 – 5 months on the higher mountains over 5 or 6 thousand feet in a great snow season.

      All gone by early spring.

  2. We’re really in deep Doo-Doo folks.
    It’s winter approaching & and this snow is threatening the ski resorts with a good ski season.
    This climate change crap is going toooo far!
    Winter does not arrive on a specific date. It may be early, it may be late, just like a plane, a train or bus.
    Except of course in Japan, everything in Japan runs according to the timetables, except for the weather & / or earthquakes!

  3. cold enough in the SE US too for early May.
    50F tonite just inland from the coast here around Summerville,SC!

  4. and the temps in Vic where I am for wednesday was 11.9 day and 4c night no wonder Ive felt a tad chilly;-/ thurs and friday got to a warm 13 and 14ish c
    glad i havent packed the tshirt n shorts yet
    lol, yes S/

    Robert when modding this..check u mail
    ripper one Ive sent you re ionosphere affected by quakes etc

  5. The UK may get some snow on the hills this weekend but this is not unusual for early May. An exceptionally dry spring so far has followed a very wet but almost snowless winter. What next does the weather have in store for us?

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