Snow Record – Submerged Alps with extraordinary accumulations

In the face of Global Warming we see scenarios from the ice age.

The Alps were submerged in snow, with truly dramatic accumulations up to 1,500m above sea level, especially considering that we are still at the end of November.

Here are the incredible data:

295cm of snow on the ground at Rifugio Gastaldi – Balme (2.659m asl),
263cm at Macugnaga Rifugio Zamboni (2.075m),
239cm at Rifugio Vaccarone – Giaglione (2.745) m),
227cm at Lago Agnel – Ceresole Reale (2.304m),
222cm at Lago Dietro La Torre – Usseglio (2.360m) and Bocchetta Delle Pisse – Alagna Valsesia (2.410m),
197cm at Larecchio – Montecrestese (1.860m) and Lemon Pancani – Limone Piemonte (1.875m),
191cm in Formazza (2.453m),
188cm in the Del Chiotas Dam – Entracque (2.020m),
185cmin Malciaussia – Usseglio (1,800m),
172cm at Passo Del Moro – Macugnaga (2.820m), 169cm in Clot Of Soma – Pragelato (2.150m),
166cm in Alpe Veglia – Varzo (1.740m),
164cm in Grange Martina – Giaglione (1.967m),
163cm Pian Giasset – Crissolo (2.150m) and Lago Pilone – Sauze D’oulx (2.280m),
156cm Rifugio Mondovi – Roccaforte Mondovi (1.760m),
152cm at Sommeiller – Bardonecchia (2.981m), 150cm in Pian Delle Baracche – Sampeyre (2.135m),
137cm in Alpe Devero – Baceno (1.634m),
129cm in Camparient – Trivero (1.515m),
124cm in Sestriere (2.020m).
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See incredible photos:

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11 thoughts on “Snow Record – Submerged Alps with extraordinary accumulations”

  1. That looks like an ice age to me!
    It’s already here. There are no excuses to deny that anymore. NONE!!

  2. hmm someone from europe said their mountains hadnt got snow moan moan warming etc
    would appear if so theyre one of the few without it.

  3. This certainly blows away the idea that global warming will result in more storms but less snow overall! After viewing NASA’s snow coverage for the northern hemisphere the “scientist” that came up with this concept should retract the “theory”. I’m not holding my breath!

  4. This is no more than what should be expected for the first solar minimum between cycles of a Grand Solar Minimum such as this Modern GSM.
    This cycle has yet to finish and may finish towards the end of 2020. Yet this minimum may be warm in comparision to the minimum which will follow an even lower energy output cycle SC25

    This GSM is much deeper in energy reduction than Dalton 1780 to 1820 and on a par using C14 and B10 proxys with the WOLF GSM 1280-1350.

  5. The elite, Global Left always (ALWAYS) doubles down. It wasn’t enough that Obama was the President of the United States, in the first year in office, when it appeared he was nowhere near the gift he himself promised he would be to the American people and the World, the elite, Global Left gave him the Nobel Peace Prize. Al Gore, he didn’t just make a hit movie, it wasn’t enough that he lined his pockets with cash. In the first six months after its release, when cracks began to show in the veracity of the movie’s “World is going to burn up before our eyes” message, they gave him a Nobel Peace Prize and an Academy Award.

    Now, especially over the last 5 years, as the “end of winter” narrative unravels with every new snow accumulation and freezing temperature record we experience, they can’t just leave the warming propaganda until summer, when typical heatwaves make it an obvious apocalyptic sell. Not for them, not the Left. Instead, they instruct their science minions to inform their media lackeys to spread the word that “Scientist’s say that this year (whatever the year is) is the hottest year ever and the world is getting hotter and hotter every year”. So, in the face of bone chilling cold and under the weight of billions of tons of snow, common people are commanded to ignore their own reality and experience and observe and accept the reality and experience of their cultural, intellectual and academic betters.

    During the last 2 months of truly remarkable early fall snow storms and subzero fall “cold snap” after “cold snap”, when even their go-to Polar Vortex couldn’t explain away the fozen conditions, they simply move to deflection.

    Case in point: this last week all the mainstream news I saw (and I didn’t have to look to hard for it) went on and on about 2019 being “the hottest year on record” and “the last ten years are hottest ten years ever”.

    So, while you are shoveling, scraping, shivering, and slipping don’t ponder cold, the elite Global Left wants you to remember and repeat the mantra of record breaking heat.

  6. Alps glaciers are not disappearing. They are in a normal recession during this warm interglacial period that has nothing to do with human industrial activity. Perhaps the recession is nearing its end.

  7. Ha ha, pointless booking a skiing holiday like I 1st wished when the blinking runway is so clogged up with snow no plane can land or take off.
    Roll on Spring. I need to smell those daffodils because my imagination is just not good enough LOL.

  8. I am a big winter sports fan and have been watching the skiing from Scandinavia on loads of good snow with loads more falling as they were racing. This is building to be a big winter.

  9. Just a FEW of the Climate FAILS on snow:

    FAIL! “Winters with strong frost and lots of snow like we had 20 years ago will cease to exist at our latitudes.”
    Mojib Latif, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, 1 April 2000

    FAIL! “Harsh winters likely will be more seldom and precipitation in the wintertime will be heavier everywhere. However, due to the milder temperatures, it’ll fall more often as rain than as snow.”
    Online-Atlas of the Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft, 2010

    FAIL! More heat waves, no snow in the winter… Climate models… over 20 times more precise than the UN IPCC global models. In no other country do we have more precise calculations of climate consequences. They should form the basis for political planning… Temperatures in the wintertime will rise the most… there will be less cold air coming to Central Europe from the east…In the Alps winters will be 2°C warmer already between 2021 and 2050.”
    Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, September 2, 2008.

    FAIL! “Good bye winter. Never again snow?”
    Spiegel, 1 April 2000

    FAIL! Yesterday’s snow… Because temperatures in the Alps are rising quickly, there will be more precipitation in many places. But because it will rain more often than it snows, this will be bad news for tourists. For many ski lifts this means the end of business.”
    Daniela Jacob, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, 8 Aug 2006

    FAIL! Ice, snow, and frost will disappear, i.e. milder winters” … “Unusually warm winters without snow and ice are now being viewed by many as signs of climate change.”
    Schleswig Holstein NABU, 10 Feb 2007

    FAIL! “Good bye winter… In the northern hemisphere the deviations are much greater according to NOAA calculations, in some areas up to 5°C. That has consequences says DWD meteorologist Müller-Westermeier: When the snowline rises over large areas, the bare ground is warmed up even more by sunlight. This amplifies global warming. A process that is uncontrollable – and for this reason understandably arouses old childhood fears: First the snow disappears, and then winter.
    Die Zeit, 16 Mar 2007

    FAIL! Within a few years winter snowfall will become a very rare and exciting event. … Children just aren’t going to know what snow is.”
    David Viner, Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia, UK, 20 March 2000

    FAIL! The rise in temperature associated with climate change leads to a general reduction in the proportion of precipitation falling as snow, and a consequent reduction in many areas in the duration of snow cover.”
    Global Environmental Change, Nigel W. Arnell, Geographer, 1 Oct 1999

    FAIL! The lowest winter temperatures are likely to increase more than average winter temperature in northern Europe. …The duration of the snow season is very likely to shorten in all of Europe, and snow depth is likely to decrease in at least most of Europe.”
    IPCC Climate Change, 2007

    FAIL! We have seen that in the last years and decades that winters have become much milder than before and that there isn’t nearly as much snowfall. All simulations show this trend will continue in the future and that we have to expect an intense warming in the Alps…especially in the foothills, snow will turn to rain and winter sports will no longer be possible anymore.”
    Mojib Latif, Leibnitz Institute for Oceanography, University of Kiel, February 17, 2005

    FAIL! Planning for a snowless future: “Our study is already showing that that there will be a much worse situation in 20 years.”
    Christopher Krull, Black Forest Tourism Association / Spiegel, 17 Feb 2005

    FAIL! January 2000 Dr. Michael Oppenheimer of the Environmental Defense Fund commenting (in a NY Times interview) on the mild winters in New York City: “But it does not take a scientist to size up the effects of snowless winters on the children too young to remember the record-setting blizzards of 1996. For them, the pleasures of sledding and snowball fights are as out-of-date as hoop-rolling, and the delight of a snow day off from school is unknown.”

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