Snow in Russia on June 13

Today in Tiksi it snowed.

13 June 2016 – In the village of Tiksi today is not summer weather – cold wind and snow.

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“Tiksi is located in the far north of Russia,” says Argiris.

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  1. Brazil, 13/06/2016. Florianópolis has the largest cold in June of the last 115 years. Cold was strengthened by the appointment of a polar mass with another of Patagonia; temperature should rise during the week. Urupema recorded on the morning of Monday, the 13th, the lowest temperature of the year in the state. There is no shortage of cold records in Santa Catarina. In the early hours of Monday (13) Florianópolis recorded, according to the ClimaTerra, only 0.6 ° C, the lowest temperature recorded since the installation of the oldest weather station of the city, 115 years ago. The capital of Santa Catarina had recorded 2 ° C in 1994. The expected for this time of the year would be minimal at least 10 ° C. At dawn on Monday, made -8.5 ° C in Urupema, in the hills, considered to be the coldest city in Brazil. According to the Meteorological Center of Santa Catarina, Epagri / Ciram, this is the lowest temperature of the last six years.

    42 other cities had negative temperatures this week start. In Bom Jardim da Serram made -7.9 ° C; in São Joaquim, -5.7 ° C; in Union, -4.6 ° C; and São Bento do Sul, -4.4 ° C. Moreover, it is the sixth consecutive day of frost, a phenomenon considered rare.
    Not only are the gardens, the trees of the squares and the waterfalls of conservation parks that froze. Many highlanders were without water at the weekend, which froze in the taps. The banks of the River Pelotas, in Bom Jardim da Serra with 50 meters wide, also turned to stone.
    “It’s very rare movement in water freezing in Brazil,” he explained the agronomist of ClimaTerra Ronaldo Coutinho.
    The average temperature of the mountain is equivalent to December in New York. “Winter” surprised to have started earlier, on April 26, which did not occur for nearly six decades.
    Another issue is the sequence of negative temperatures. Since June 1, the cooler the mountain towns are below zero. Over the weekend, he came to fall a little snow.

  2. Brazil, June 13, 2016: Frost reaches ABC region. (A = Santo André, B = São Bernardo do Campo, C = São Caetano do Sul).
    Internautas record frosts in several neighborhoods of São Bernardo do Campo.
    District Riacho Grande was the most suffered from the cold in the morning.
    Through social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, residents of the city of São Bernardo do Campo, in the metropolitan region of São Paulo are sharing images reminiscent of the south of the country.
    The photos record layers of ice on cars and sidewalk. Center, Big Creek, Nova Petropolis Demarchi and are among the neighborhoods with more shared images.
    In some places of the city, the wind chill reached 0 ° C. The morning was the coldest in the Great ABC averaging 2 ° C in the cities that make up the region.
    The so-called frost layers are formed by small ice crystals that accumulate on the surface. They are caused by the polar mass that is moving from the south of the planet.
    When there are no clouds, as in this time in San Bernardo, land surface loses energy (or heat), making room for more humidity and decreasing temperature. Also according to Science, is the phenomenon of frost when the water passes directly from solid to gaseous state (sublimation) without first passing through the liquid.×290/b_290x290/carros-amanheceram-cobertos-de-gelo-fotos-reproducao-facebook_746621.jpg

  3. June 13, 2016: Frost reaches São Paulo area, tropical Brazil. Itapetininga records -3,3ºC and water freezes on tap.
    Housewife Tatiane Aparecida Gomes, 21, was startled when she opened the tap to make coffee at 6 am on Monday, 13, in Itapetininga, São Paulo southwest. Water spurted not because it was frozen. It was 3.31 degrees below zero in the city, according to the Integrated Centre for Agrometeorology Information (Ciiagro) of the Secretariat of Agriculture and Supply of São Paulo, the lowest temperature since the service began operating in the city in 2007.
    The morning was the coldest in many years also in Barra do Turvo, in the Ribeira Valley, which has not Ciiagro season, but the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet) recorded 3.6 degrees Celsius. In Mandi, also in the southwest, the Ciiagro plunged 4.84 degrees below zero this morning, a record. In this city, where on Sunday 12, the temperature had already reached -4.60, cold surpassed the previous record high of -3.69 degrees on July 21, 2000, recorded also by Ciiagro.
    Inside the Tatiane’s boarding house in Chapadinha, neighborhood Itapetininga, her husband improvised a plastic tent to protect from the wind wife and Giovani children, 5 years, and Cristiano, 7 months. Tatiane says that the district is in uptown wind enters cutting the minimum gaps. “There is no blanket to give account.” Your neighbor, the day-workers Sebastião Pires, 55, reactivated the makeshift wood stove in a metal barrel, and cook lunch, works as a heater. “The neighborhood is high and windy, so I leave the fire lit at night.” The peasant Ivanete Souza, 40, also uses the wood stove to prepare food and heat.
    In town, the houses dawned with the roof covered with ice, as if they were glass. People took to the streets with blankets and hoods. Agronomist Edegar Snack mind that lawns, trees and cars also had ice sheets. “I’ve lived here since 2002 and is the first time I see frost on the roof, a totally unusual thing. Went for a walk at 7:30 am, with the sun already strong, and still had a lot of ice. ” Hélio Ventura, driver, 53, he said he left the house at 5:20 a.m. to help the chickens in the backyard. “They were frozen, with a thin snow on feathers, gave great pity,” he said.
    In the countryside, frost burned the leaves of a wide planting cabotiã pumpkin, in Boa Vista. The Amadeu Ribeiro da Silva administrator, 54, says that 28 hectares of the crop – an area equivalent to 30 football fields – were lost. “What is most sad we were to start the harvest and you can not save anything.” He estimated the damage at at least R $ 40 thousand. His wife, Fabiana da Silva, 37, said the field seemed covered with snow. “At 6:20 a.m. went out to take my daughter to school and the pool of water had frozen. The boards of the gate had two centimeters of ice, “he said.
    In four other cities in the southwest region, the temperature was below zero. According to records Ciiagro, which has 100 weather stations scattered around the interior in the cold Paranapanema reached -0.81 in Taquarituba to -0.76 and -0.28 in Capão Bonito. Already Inmet, to the Ministry of Agriculture, recorded 2.2 degrees Celsius in St. Michael the Archangel, in the same region. The Institute has 32 automatic stations and 9 conventional in the state of São Paulo.

  4. certainly looks like children in Russia will no longer know what summer is in the years ahead. Possibly in the very distant future.
    But they certainly will know what snow looks like!

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