Snow in the Sahara Desert – Video

Snow fell Tuesday in the province of Bechar in the Sahara Desert in western Algeria.

Bechar is located in the northern Sahara, about 36 miles south of the Moroccan border.

Strong wind blew the snow across roads and buildings.

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  1. Bechar is 750metres above sea level. It’s located on a high plain on the downside of the Atlas mountains.
    Technically you can’t really call that area “desert”.

    The atlas mountains are a line of alps that stretches from Morocco to Tunisia via Algeria.
    There are ski areas in Morocco and Algeria. Snow also falls in Tunisia.
    I have seen snow on sand dunes south of Sidi Bel Abbes.

    Snow in Algeria south of the Atlas Mountains is common.

      • You need to be careful when talking about the Sahara. The area of the Sahara covers 9.4 million square kilometres (almost the same size as the lower 48). Algeria is also the largest country in Africa. Southern Algeria is a generic term. It could mean south of the Saharan Atlas mountains or far south – down near Tamanrasset (close to the proximity of the Mountains of the Moon) or on the road to Timbuktu in Mali).
        The Algerian part of the Saharan desert is mostly stony and rocky with intermittent sand dunes. There are some substantial sand seas – But these do not compromise a larger part of the desert itself.
        Communications in Algeria particularly south of the Tell Atlas mountains was either non existent or very limited up into the nineties, so any reports of natural weather conditions before that era would be sporadic at best.

  2. It snowed in the Sahara Desert on Feb 4, 2005 – you can find it on the old site.

    The article read:

    “winter descended with a vengeance over Northern Africa, covering parts of Algeria and Morocco with a blanket of fresh snow.”

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