Snow in Saudi Arabia – More than 100 photos

Also see Saudi men walk along a snow-covered road during a snowstorm in Alkan village, western Saudi Arabia, yesterday.
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  1. Hate to tell you this, but snow is pretty common in the Asir region of Saudi. While I was living in Riyadh, some years back, the Asir had snow in August!

  2. Snowfall on the Egyptian pyramids seems to be a hoax:
    I wonder why people do these things, snow in Cairo was real and for the first time in 112 years. A few years ago there were very low temperatures in Kuwait, so now the new little Ice Age has started it is just a matter of time before snow will be falling in Riyadh or Mekka. Let’s hope it will be a little Ice Age and not a big one.

  3. It snowed in Riyadh in 2009 (not sure of year)but it was the first time in recorded history. It was a light snow but it was measurable. I was there.

    • Going from old texts, the ones History Channel loves to decimate and some they have not yet divulged to, and putting all into a cycle, one can surmise this should be a small ICE AGE, followed by another small ONE 500 years later, followed by THE GREAT ICE AGE at the end of Aquarius.

      Surmise. that robots will impervious to ICE AGES. Seeing that Google has recently purchased 8 robotic factories. Surprisingly, Boston Robotics the latest bought, the one DARPA and others goes to for research and development. They can do things humans cannot when inclement weather, war, basically and disaster happens.

      Just a passing thought?

      SEE YA

  4. Salam Alekum!
    I already knew snow is not unknown in Tabuk but please see this link:-
    I hope we don’t get useless islamophobic comments because Inshallah I pray for the safety of those poor middle easterners who unlike say Canada, are ill equiped to cope with a taste of the ice age.

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