Snow in Scotland as temperatures plummet

“Forget Norway, they are used to cold weather,” says UK reader Perry Debell. “Think about us. We poor Brits can’t handle freezing weather.”

“Blast of late winter weather brings snow flurries as far south as SOMERSET as temperatures plummet to -4C,” shouts Daily Mail headline.

“Spring snow blew into parts of Scotland overnight and hail showers pelted Devon and Cornwall this morning

“Norwich, Staffordshire, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and the North East all awoke to a smattering of snow today.”

“April snow expected to continue across country,” says the BBC. “Several parts of Scotland have experienced April snow showers as an icy blast blew in from the north.”

The Met office issued a Yellow Warning that “heavy snowfall is likely to affect higher routes.”

Lots of photos:

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7 thoughts on “Snow in Scotland as temperatures plummet”

  1. You are right, we can’t handle it: all transport stops for 1/2 inch snow on the rail lines and airport tarmac, and it’s a case of panic stations all round!

    But snow is not that unusual in Britain in April and I remember a time during May when rain didn’t stop play at a cricket match, but it was a case of headlines about Snow Stops Play.

  2. It is whingeing softies in London and the SE, not the Scots, who cannot cope with snow. I lived up there for seven years and not once did the Scots have a problem dealing with snow. Not once. It is just those superior beings in the SE who throw their dummy out of the pram when 10cm of snow falls……

  3. Well I remember growing up just southwest of London in the 70’s playing in the snow during the Easter school holidays. Maybe I am older than I want to admit or people just have very bad memories.

  4. 🙂 once..Brits DID cope with severe cold n snow
    and they didnt have insulation or tech clothing either
    or cars with heating etc
    might be time to get woolen jumpers n socks and decent boots.
    meanwhile in Aus down stheastern edges we got rain:-) and high areas got light snow today. dusting of it.
    I have lit the first fire of the season cos its around 3c expected and this afternoon was icy cold.

  5. It’ll be a steep learning curve for the English, when the weather turns really bad in the coming years. Too many wild winters recently. Now they’re timid to snow, England will stop.

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