Snow! Snow! Snow!

12 feet of snow for SW Greenland; 7 ft Andes; 7 ft Gulf of Alaska; 5 ft Kamchatka; 5 ft Pyrenees Mtns;  5 ft Pakistan; 4 ft on the Alps.

Who was it that said children wouldn’t ever again get to see snow?

10 day forecast :

5 feet of snow, Pyrenees Mtns,42.937,0.330,9

4 feet on the Alps:,45.539,7.185,8

12 feet SW Greenland:,63.295,-37.332,7

7 feet Andes :,-50.969,-67.720,7

7 feet Gulf of Alaska,59.319,-138.724,7

5 feet Kamchatka,52.794,159.104,

5 feet Pakistan,33.509,80.519,7

Thanks to Oly for these links

“Commendable amounts for November,” says Oly.

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  1. Correction: SE Greenland– (3AM post ).
    Also, links ended up sending out as 3 day totals.I do not know why . Click 10 day total for amounts reported, which is behind the forecast, lower page.

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