More snow for southern Morocco

It has not snowed in Ouarzazate in more than 40 years, but today (7 Feb 2018), “Ouarzazate is coated in brilliant white and its Sahara Desert is buried under  40 centimeters (15.7 inches) of snow.”

Zoubir Bouhout, Director of Local Tourism Office (CRT) in Ouarzazate, told Morocco World News that there will be “positive and negative impacts on the area.”

“There are some difficulties that snow is presenting for now, such as blocked roads to Marrakech, Tichka, Sekkoura, Tinghir, and others that lead in and out of the region,” said Bouhout.

However, Bouthout continued, “(it) will fill Ouarzazate’s El Mansour Eddahabi dam and provide potable water for inhabitants as well as supplementary water for farming.”

Quarzazate – Courtesy Wikipedia

Nicknamed The door of the desert, Ouarzazateis a city in south-central Morocco. Ouarzazate stands at an elevation of 1,160 metres (3,810 ft). To the south of the town is the desert.

Ouarzazate, Morocco Under Snow: Winter Wonderland

Earth.nullschool 3-hour precipitation accumulation 08Feb2018 0000Z
(the green ring is the location of Ouarzazate).

EOSDIS Worldview Morocco 08Feb18

Station Téléphérique Oukaïmeden, Morocco

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  1. Looking at the weather models for the end of the month (GEM, GSF, ECMWF and JMA,) and it looks likely that N. Africa will get yet another bout of cold weather during the last days of February and the beginning of March. Basically regional cooling from 22nd Feb onward to 2 March maybe with snow.

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