Snow to sweep across northern Scotland this weekend

In stark contrast to the summer temperatures at this time last year.

14 Apr 2016 – The Met Office has issued yellow warning for snow and sleet across the north of the country tomorrow.

Forecasts call for one to four centimetres of snow to fall above 300 metres across Shetland, Inverness, Aberdeenshire and much of the Highlands throughout the morning.

Wintry outbreaks will also cause slush to form at lower lying areas, with overnight temperatures dropping close to freezing.

Drivers have been warned to watch for icy patches on untreated surfaces during the early morning with the possibility of difficult driving conditions developing through the day.

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3 thoughts on “Snow to sweep across northern Scotland this weekend”

  1. It’s been a classic Highland spring, not so severe as in 2013, but slow and variable, with just a few miles east or west making a huge difference to the temperature and perception of it. Today was quite pleasant, but yesterday was ‘dreich’ as we say with grey scudding clouds with a windchilling easterly and drizzle and tomorrow an Arctic blast. Nothing unusual for us, but a big difference after a mild and soaking wet winter.

    • well a mild but wet winter is something to be pleased with I reckon
      Aus is still waiting for ANY breaking rains for most of the nation ;-(
      frankly it can be whatever temp it pleases as long as we see rain soon

  2. It is very common for snow to fall over the hills of northern Britain in April and even well into May.

    On 28th April, 2015, the last snow of Spring fell on the Belfast hills down to the 250 metre contour.

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