Snow in Tasmania on 1st day of summer

Trees down, roads closed. No power, no water, no phones, no mobiles.

2 Dec 2017 – SNOW has fallen in Tasmania’s Highlands as wild weather has stuck the state.

Owners of the Great Lakes Hotel posted images on Facebook after noticing a power problem during the night.

“Nice surprise- just stuck my nose out to see why the power flickered. SNOW now back to bed for me,” the post said.

It was still snowing at 7am.

A different post said, “We have had some serious issues in the Great Lake area. Snow has caused a lot of trees down, roads closed. No power, no water. No phones, no mobiles. Overnight the roads have cleared but still a lot of trees down.

Lots of photos:

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9 thoughts on “Snow in Tasmania on 1st day of summer

  1. When the first fleet of convicts and marines rounded the South East corner of Tasmania in mid-summer in early 1788 there was snow down to sea level. This caused a lot of consternation among “passengers” and crew as they were promised that it would be mid-summer in Australia. Such is the unpredictability of the weather in these latitudes during solar grand minimums. These early settlers had to battle both unpredictable heat waves and huge rain storms in the early decades of settlement. These days Australia’s early settlement history is ignored because using it to better understand the current weather patterns won’t get you government grants to write papers on climate change.

  2. I live in Sydney no Tasmania snow news on main media first i new was on ice age NOW we now have to read your news to keep up to date

  3. A polite correction, Michael: Australia’s summer officially begins on 1 December, not the summer solstice. Autumn starts 1 March, Winter begins on 1 June, and Spring commences 1 September.

  4. Snow in early December. Following immediately after the hottest EXPECTED November on record for Tasmania, according to Aljazeera captions seen for several days last week.

  5. Does anyone find it alarming that winter seems to be happening at both ends of the earth?
    I watched part of a video by Rolf Witzsche that states that we are 45% into the first stage of the onset of a major glaciation. The posting of the link to the video is 11 months old.

    Ice Age Start-Up Phase 45% Complete

  6. Sure doesn’t look like the hot air steaming out of Al Gore’s mouth is having much effect these days – including the rest of these climate idiots!

    Rest assured, kids living in Tasmania will still see snow there 75 years from now, even if they are driving their kids to school in their SUV’s.

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