Snow to hit 2,000-mile stretch from Nevada to New England

Severe storm system could affect millions of travelers. Snow totals of 18 inches (45 cm) – or more! – expected in some areas.As much as 3 ft (90 cm) in South Dakota.

Blizzards and snowstorms forecast from Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico to the Upper Midwest, then into New England.

Snow totals topping 8 inches, with localized totals above 18 inches (45 cm), are forecast for the Northern Rockies into the Northern Plains along with Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, according to the National Weather Service.

Parts of South Dakota were under a blizzard warning and could see as much as 2 feet (60 cm) of snow.

Minneapolis, which was hit by almost 10 inches of snow just before Thanksgiving, was bracing for another 4 to 9 inches through Sunday.

“The visibility could be so low at times it may be difficult to determine where the road surface actually is,” says AccuWeather, which forecasts 3 feet (90 cm) of snow for the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Snow, sleet and freezing rain are likely by Saturday night in parts of the Northeast, including northern Virginia and Pennsylvania, then on into New York on Sunday morning.

The same low pressure system is likely to produce several inches of snow in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Flagstaff, Arizona, was hit by heavy snow early Friday – almost 4 inches in just one hour as the storm moved in.

See much more comprehensive forecast:

13 thoughts on “Snow to hit 2,000-mile stretch from Nevada to New England”

  1. Arizona around Flagstaff and Winslow on I40 is the worst in my memory as a trucker for 40 years. 3ft of snow. 18 wheeler jackknifed. Avoid area even 4×4 are getting stuck. No gas on the interstate rest-stops either. Complete SHTF situation.

  2. The real problem is when is snows continuously…..

    This week there are 3 “fronts” going across the US…..There are a few days of “calm”…..I feel this will tax the systems of road clearing, etc. but they will squeak by and think everything is back to normal.


    This is just a precursor of what is coming. With a constant Arctic Jet Stream coming down from the North, and a constant Gulf flow of water vapor north, this is a perfect scenario of constant snow.

    Once this happens, then the snow fall and accumulation (North of the Mason-Dixie line) will be so bad modern civilization will cease functioning….It will back to snow shoes, shooting and skinning rabbits, and having 3 months of food in your cellar…Just like 1750………..No electrical heating nor gas heating……….No way of getting your car out of the driveway……..Power lines down from the snow weight and NO way the electrical crews can get to them for 2-3 months……….No hospitals staffed since they can’t get to work either,,,,,No airports open…………………Nothing………Total Silence………….Total stop of civilization.

    You will not be able to truck in any products…….In 3 hours (NOT 3 days) the Grocery Stores will be empty with no way to replenish the shelves…..NO barges carrying fuel oil to New England Electric Generating Plants…..No shipping at all…….There will not be enough Snow Plows to clear streets since they will be constantly on the Highways, but this will proof futile when these very same trucks are stuck in the 10 foot snow drifts on all other side roads.

    Remember, it has only been the last 75-100 years that we had any “modern’ civilization is the North.

  3. Can someone tell us do we Atlanta people keep doing wrong that always anytime in winter god always ignore us that we do not get snow and enjoy snowy winter as other parts of US enjoy.

    • Be careful of what you pray for. Look what happened in California. Not that they do not deserve it. Like General George Patton said:
      ” Politicians are the lowest form of life on Earth. Liberal democrats are the lowest form of politicians.” Recently the forest fires have decimated a lot of property and everyone prayed for rain. Well, God has a sense of humor. He had provided more rain than anyone wants. But it put out the fires.
      Will people associate this storm with the wrath of God? Not likely.
      So that real estate is likely to be in the middle of an ocean. Especially if the damage to the Earthquake zone is heavy.
      And yes, I live in Atlanta area and I pray that God will keep ignore your wishes.

  4. The same cold and snow I found commonplace when first beginning my deer hunting career in Wisconsin back in 1985 is happening again. My relatives have said it’s been years since Thanksgiving has been white, but given that the Christmas season is a week shorter than usual this year (thanks to the late date for Thanksgiving) it’s welcomed for setting the holiday mood in the northern States.

    ‘Tis the season, enjoy it. Santa drives a sleigh pulled by reindeer; he doesn’t drive a 4×4 or wheeled cart across bare ground.

  5. I guess I’m lucky to live in Washington State. No snow in sight yet, but it was a significantly cooler summer than normal, so I’m sure it ill be a cold winter here and that since the winds come in over the Olympics, we here on the Kitsap will see snow. We had one really heavy snow.

    However, I’m from Michigan originally. I still have friends there though they live in the Lower Peninsula.

    I will pray for everyone in the affected areas that they remain sfe.

  6. I think I saw a little peak of snow on top of the mountains here (Santa Rita) yesterday. Not entirely sure, it may have been clouds since we had rain all day and clouds covered the mountains most of the day. Also there is a peak that used to be mined that tends to look white. But looked like snow to me up there and not where the old mine was either.

    This is in southern AZ, about 60 miles from the Mexican border.

    Those of you in Tucson, did Mt Lemmon get snow yesterday perchance?

  7. First day of summer here in Australia, foot of snow or 30cm in Mt Hotham, and Perisher. ski fields in NSW. Snow predicted to 300mtrs, in Tasmania tonight, 2 dec 2019, 6.30pm news and weather. NZ is going to get smashed in the next couple of days, same weather system, Watch for the news.

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