Snow to the Mexican border much south of Arizona

Record snowfall in many areas, but the Weather Channel tries to downplay it. _________________

Earliest snowfall in Houston on record.

Earliest measurable snowfall in Monroe, Louisiana, on record, breaking the previous record by 10 days..

Snowiest start to the snow season in Wichita, Kansas on record.

Only the third year on record that Kansas City saw three measurable snowfalls by November 12.

On Nov 11-12, the 4.4 inches of snowfall in Amarillo, Texas, hit 12 days earlier than the average. However, the Weather Channel called it a”little” earlier.

Instead of calling these occurrences for what they were; record-breaking snowfall, the Weather Channel headline called it “odd November snow.”

At least they did admit that U.S. snow cover is almost double what it was last year on Nov. 13, and noticeably more widespread compared.

Thanks to Ryan for this link

“In the  article it documents the snow to  Big Bend National Park on the Rio Grande,” Ryan points out. “Since it was snowing there, radar also indicated a considerable area of snow in Mexico on the other side of the river and the bend!”

8 thoughts on “Snow to the Mexican border much south of Arizona”

  1. We’ve got an awful lot of angry people in the NYC-NJ area tonight.Public transportation virtually collapsed.Wait until they see what’s coming.

  2. wonder i mr soros and that traitorous pollie( project veritas reported on him) will be sending warm clothes and boots to the invasion force?

  3. Maybe the snow on the border there explains why the caravan/mob/invaders went to Tijuana instead. Guess we need to see some southern California snow and cold now.

  4. Here in Houston, I have not run the A/C for a week and may not for the rest of the month. I cannot remember doing that in November in 20 years. It is not unusual for it to hit 85 degrees most any day in November or December.

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