Snow twenty inches deep in Greece – Video

People closed in their homes in Vilia, Attica. Dense snow still falling. Also, heavy snowfall in Athens.

30 Dec 2016 – The snow has reached 50 cm (20 inches) and most roads have not been cleared.

Vilia is located at an altitude of 988 ft (301 m) according to Wikipedia.,Sta-leyka-ta-Bilia-Attikhs-Stoys-50-pontoys-to-xioni-BINTEO.html

Heavy snowfall in northern suburbs of Athens

Specifically snowing in Melissia, Vrilissia and the surrounding areas, such as features shown in the photos sent by readerΑΠγΠ

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    The forecast from Unisys for the next 10 day indicates much more snow and very cold weather covering the Balkans and Turkey.
    A series of Arctic lows is expected to slide South East from Iceland towards the Aegean and then Lebanon over the forecast period. The low will produce wintery weather on the coastal regions of Western Europe, becoming increasing cold and snowy as they wrap more cold air from Russia as they sink South East.
    Be safe and listen to national weather alerts advice over this period.
    I wish everybody a happy new year, and hopefully a much more peaceful 2017.

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