Snow Valley – Snow could stick around until winter

It’s August, and there’s still snow at California’s Lake Tahoe. Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows.

Thanks to Ron R for this link

“Climate change???” asks Ron

Remember when I asked if Tahoe Glacier was making a comeback?

4 thoughts on “Snow Valley – Snow could stick around until winter

  1. Snow sticking around until next winter: isn’t that how glaciers form? I remember a line from an article in the Atlantic Monthly back in 1962, “The Atlantic Thermostat”: “The next ice age will begin not with snow but with slush, remaining on the ground until the next winter…”

  2. Just saw pictures today of where some guys I know skinned(this means essentially climbed) up the side of one of the mountains in Tahoe and skied down in the first week of August and the temperatures of summer start dropping in Tahoe this week from summertime; The snow that normally melts in Tahoe in the summer will not happen this year, this winter in Tahoe will be starting on top of last winter.
    If you want to start documenting a possible Tahoe glacier, I’d say to get on up Tahoe about Halloween.

  3. so the msm constant westcoast frying reports are , as usual, NOT exactly being anything close to factual?
    colour me UNsurprised once again

  4. If there’s another winter like last one then it could be the start of something. But if it’s a typical, or worse – a dry winter, the excess snow will melt away.

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