Snow-vember! – Earliest snowfall in Houston EVER

And it’s freezing. Literally. According to, the thermometer in Houston stood at 32F (0C) at 7 am this morning.

Yesterday, a trace of snow/sleet was reported around 10 a.m. at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

It was the earliest snowfall ever observed in Houston — and not just by a day or two but by 10 days!

Houston’s previous earliest trace snow was November 23rd, 1979, the National Weather Service said in a tweet.

With temperatures in the upper 30s, nothing is accumulating, said Molly Merrifield, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in League City.


6 thoughts on “Snow-vember! – Earliest snowfall in Houston EVER”

  1. Well, be grateful.

    If it wasn’t for Man Made Globalist Warming, it would have been 20F in Houston !!!!…..rriiiight.

  2. so much for the global warming KRAP! With snow occurring further and further south earlier in the season nearly every year is a strong indication of climatic cooling over land in the last few decades.

  3. In the warmest year evah! Perhaps Global Warming really works like a refrigerator where the warm bit makes everything colder.

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