SNOW in Zimbabwe? – Video

No one is quite sure whether this is a hoax or not.

Rare sight, snow 45 km northwest of Gweru Zimbabwe yesterday

MSN news (Micorsoft) has put the Zimbabwe snow news on their website, including a video.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for these links

“We must be cautious, it could be a hoax,” says Argiris. “But it seems some snow has fallen in the area near Gweru in Zimbabwe. Horrific snowstorm seems a bit exaggerated.”

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  1. Hi

    I think there is a massive clue as to why it`s a hoax – there`s no leaves on the trees hence the location is probably somewhere in South Africa.
    Zimbabwe is situated in the Sub-Tropics and the maximum temperature for Monday and Tuesday is a lovely 20C.
    The average maximum temperature for the winter months is 21C.
    Incidently it is also quite wet in the summer months so the leaves did not fall off due to drought

  2. Looking at the bushes and surroundings, it was probably more like small hail or a heavy sleet. Still….for a part of the world that the residents have never experienced snow or the such cold things, I could see how they might think it is snow. Regardless, if the location and timeframe is true, this is significant indeed!

  3. That’s hail, not snow. Look at all the standing water. The last split second, you can even see the small balls of ice.

  4. Well, if it’s no Hoax. then you have to accept the relative definition of horrific. I mean for somebody who has never seen snow, has no heating in his home, no winterclohting, often has sandals as foorwear even a few centimeters of snow will feel like a blizzard.

  5. This isn’t a hoax but it most certainly is not snow. At best it might be graupel but I’m guessing it’s hail based on the texture of the pellets in some of the pictures in the links provided (hail commonly has a visual clarity throughout its diameter with some cloudiness towards the center; graupel has an indistinct white throughout, akin to tiny snowballs). But regardless, an event like this in an area ill-prepared for even short cold events can be devastating.

  6. at first glance from the pictures themselves, I would seem to believe that these pics appear to show images of snow or ice on the ground. If it is a hoax then they did a very good job! Although at 8C it’s too warm for snow. So if it’s not snow, could it be hail perhaps?

    1. Looking carefully at this video, this does look convincing assuming this was taken in Zimbabwe:

      I can see the breath on two of the subjects – indicating cold temps and the branches behind them covered in snow and actual breeze blowing. The appearance of the video, outside natural surroundings and emotions of the subjects reporting on this seem indeed real as well. The building behind them seems to have some sort of ice on the roof also. Certainly looks legit assuming this video was in fact taken in Zimbabwe.

  7. Robert-I’m sure you’re aware of the following, earthquakes at Mt. Rainier and the Cascadia Fault with resultant tsunamis. Perhaps it’s time to consider moving elsewhere. Don’t wait too long. . .


    1. The most memorable line for people who SURVIVE the gauntlet is this: “Whoever …has … to stay …will spend three to six months without electricity, one to three years without drinking water and sewage systems, and three or more years without hospitals. ”

      Let’s say someone doesn’t think the Little Ice Age is returning.


      Plenty of other scenarios to prepare for!

    1. Yes, very unlikely to be snow. Gweru at this time of the year should have maximum temperatures around 22C and minimums around 4-5C. May/June will average only one day of precipitation for each of those months. It is only 4,600 feet above sea level.

  8. Even parts of Sydney australia get snow once and a while, and I am not talking about the Blue mountains behind Sydney.

    In Kellyville around 10 km from where I live. On the 21/6/1972 there was snow storm. This is about 40km NW of the CBD and about 45-86 m above sea level. This is at least 60-70+ km from the areas of the blue mountains which can get light snow at times.

    If it happened again today Kellyville is full on suburbia, it would be a mess,_New_South_Wales scroll to bottom.

    My brother in-law and his mates went skiing on that day, as there was enough snow.

  9. Seems it was ‘sleet, frozen rain’. Argiris dropped this comment last night;

    “The “Zimbabwe Snowfall” of last Friday was not a hoax, but real. Albeit it was technically not snow, but a form of sleet, frozen rain. There have been thunder storms and very low temperatures. It is the first time this weather phenomenon has been experienced in tropical Zimbabwe. The depth of the ice was 30 cm and it all happened within a small radius of 5 km. A real trail of destruction was left behind, vegetables and houses were damaged, trees were being stripped off of their leaves while many small animals like rabbits and snakes died.

    Earlier news items were a bit sceptical, but it turned out it was not a hoax, it was really true.

    MSN news (Microsoft) has put the Zimbabwe snow news on their website, including a video.

    The BBC also reported on this in the Africa section and the stormclouds back the above;

    “we got our weather team to look into it.

    The BBC’s Aisling Creevey says that while what we see could be real, it’s probably more likely to be hail.

    Hail, it turns out, is very different to snow.

    We do get hail in hot climates from large thunder clouds.

    She adds that satellite pictures show that there were large shower clouds in the area.”

    A freakish weather event.

    This was posted on Tuesday;

    “nobody seems to believes the reports, including the country’s Meteorological Services Department (Met department), which will dispatch a team to investigate the phenomena.

    Contacted for comment, officials from the Met department said they were trying to verify the reports and visit the site where the “snow” is claimed to have fallen.

    Senior forecaster Tich Zinyemba warned the pictures may be a hoax.

    He said the weather in Gweru in the past few days was mostly sunny despite the temperatures dropping at night.

    Zinyemba said the maximum and minimum temperatures were between 17 and nine degrees celsius respectively.

    “What I suspect (if true) could be the possibility that frost may have occurred in the early hours of the morning somewhere in Gweru’s environs but certainly not snow,” he said.”

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