Snowbound central Italy hammered by more earthquakes

Video – At least four large earthquakes in a four-hour period strike the snow-covered region of Amatrice.

The president of Italy’s Marche region,  Luca Ceriscioli, described today’s powerful earthquakes as a “catastrophe” and appealed for help.

“The lack of electricity causes serious problems to thousands of families who don’t know where to go or to stay,” said Ceriscioli. More than 130,000 homes are without electricity.


To add to their woes, central Italy had endured a 36 hours of extreme snowfall prior to the quakes and was suffering exceptional cold.

Parts of the region are covered with more than 8 feet (2.5 m) of snow and many remote hamlets were already cut off by the snow with fallen trees blocking snowplows.

Some of the earthquakes were felt as far away as Florence and Rome, where the underground metro system was shut as a safety precaution.

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“Your books taught me SO much,” says Caroline. “Every (IL)liberal should read them.. perhaps you can send a copy of each to Donald Trump in Trump Tower?”

3 thoughts on “Snowbound central Italy hammered by more earthquakes”

  1. Yep, bang on time for the rapid increase in solar wind speed. If the idiots in charge were not wasting billions trying to prove global warming, research on this link could try to see if it is possible to predict where earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will happen when the wind increases.

  2. landslide flattened a small hotel in mountains remote area
    up to 30 people there n rescue crews had bad time getting through v deep snows reports on media in aus.

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