Snowed last night in Colorado mountains

Brief video.

A few inches at Rabbit Ears Pass

Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this video



4 thoughts on “Snowed last night in Colorado mountains”

  1. Also some new snow on Lone Peak the last couple of days, not a whole lot. Mountain is 11,253. Ground frosted this morning at elevation of 5000 ft at my house. Have a photo if needed.

  2. I was just north of there in the Snowy Range of southern Wyoming last week. While I missed this late spring snowfall, the first day of summer 2019 I awoke to find two inches of fresh snow on everything. It commonly happens this way at high altitude during the late spring and summer in the Rocky Mountains. Unfortunately for the climate alarmists, it will continue to happen. SNOTEL readings adjacent to the cabin I stay at continue to trend upwards- not down.

  3. Fresh snow on the ground along I-90, Butte to Red Lodge in Montana. Mountains all along I-90 have fresh snow!

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