Snowfall continues

Snow was forecast to continue falling over parts of Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York into Monday evening, with localized blizzard conditions at times along the I-80 corridor, I-196 and I-94 corridors.

As temperatures plummet and snow continues to fall, roads will become icy and snow covered.

A swath of 6-12 inches of snow – up to 18 inches in places – has already blanketed northeastern Kansas to northern Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin.

See entire forecast:

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3 thoughts on “Snowfall continues”

  1. Now it has begun.

    It will snow days upon days upon days, and America’s 2nd World (Chicago) and 3rd World (Detroit) cities will not be able to function.

    Can you imagine what January and February are going to be like?

  2. Imagine the death rate and carnage that would have been caused if Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York were powered mainly by ‘renewable’ wind and solar.
    Just imagine…
    Just imagine if Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York sometime in the future, mandated renewable were to be the main power suppliers, and that citizens could ONLY drive battery powered vehicle.

    Yes, just imagine.

    Ridiculous, eh?
    But that is what so many of your political representative wish to do. Then they could bathe themselves in the glory of virtue signaling (while no doubt, scamming a profit for themselves.) The glorious virtue of killing folk to save the world!

    So next time you vote, listen well. Are these people wanting your votes, the murdering sociopaths/psychopaths that advocate your ‘death by misadventure’ through promoting ‘renewables’? If they are, and you do not have a death wish, avoid them, AND DON’T VOTE FOR THEM!.

  3. I have a question to those who know about “electric” cars…….what happens to the amount of “time” you have on these batteries when the temp is, like 30F or 0’C, in terms of battery life?

    So, you are sitting in a traffic jam, due to the 6 feet of snow that has fallen over the last 5 days, and your TESLA was fully charged last night….the temp is 28F…….how much time can you run the heater while you sit there?

    Bonus points given for “showing” your work.

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