Snowfall disaster in Russia – Crops buried under more than a foot of snow

Emergency declared in three regions of Khakassia. Harvesting of feed and grain crops temporarily suspended. 

Russia 4 Oct 2017 –  “The bread went under the snow.” For agrarians, snow on top of unharvested fields is a real disaster.

At first came the heavy rains so harvesting couldn’t begin. Then came the frosts and snow, from 10 to 40 cm (4 to 16 inches) deep. Under the snow is the harvest of 2017 … A real disaster.

“The bread went under the snow.”

“Barley is completely laid down, the snow is wet, heavy, I do not know whether the ear will rise after melting snow or not. Here 120 hectares, there is a wedge of 150 hectares, and more oats. Only 480 hectares went under the snow,” complains Vasily Aprelkov, a farmer from the Bograd region.

“We have in some territories 5-10 cm, in others up to 40 cm fell. But the total area of grain and fodder crops remaining under snow is enormous, “says Valery Sulekov, deputy head of the Ordzhonikidzevsky district.

According to preliminary data, 3,000 hectares were affected in the Bogradsky region, 18,000 in Shirinsky and 22,000 in Ordzhonikidzevsky. Only 43,000 hectares of grain and forage crops. At first glance, the damage amounts to 120 to 150 million rubles.

“For agrarians falling snow on unharvested fields is a real disaster,” said Alexander Bashkov, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture.

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  1. 2.47 acres per hectare. Call it 2 1/2 as close enough.
    1 Ruble is about 2 ¢ US.

    High altitude and high latitude farming is going to be very tough for a few decades… but Brazil and Texas can produce more.

    During cold cycles, Texas gets more rain, so places marginally dry become productive.

    Like about half the State…ever see west Texas?

  2. If I remember correctly this happened last year in Russia but much later in October, but not as extensive, nor affecting the two continents, remember North America has severe frost damage to its wheat crop during grain formation and significant NA snow fall has already started.
    Frankly the Freeze above 80N Lat. started 6 weeks early, it’s hardly going to warm backup to late summer temperatures this late in the season.
    The longer the Northern Latitudes are freezing the longer the cold season will last during 2018.
    This Grand Solar Minimum has only just got going.

  3. well, doesn’t look like the hot air spitting from Al Gore’s mouth is doing him much good LOL

    Secondly, it appears that kids today in Russia will still know what snow is 75 years from now!

    Third of all, this is how ice ages begin!

  4. Bit by bit the slide towards Maunder minima, then even colder, is taking hold. In a few years, they will complain about not being able to till the mud, then in perhaps the next decade, permafrost. The folly of global warming will be a distant memory by then and I’m and I’m not sure how well electric cars will perform in Sub Zero temperatures.

    • Particualy in the middle of a Russian winter fighting the Germans, the Russian used to light fires under the engines of trucks to warm them up, before starting then up.
      During SC20, one of the winter duties in BAOR in the tank regiments, was to observe the test antifreeze over night, if it started to freeze, the units drivers where woken up to warm up the the vehicles for several hours.
      We know what cold can be like, it leads to higher death rates and higher incedences of Flu. The 1918 flu killed 1.8 million after the war had ended.

  5. I’ve read on various ag boards that the massive wheat crop expected from Russia is responsible for the down trend in wheat prices. Is that Russian wheat already harvested or is this ruined wheat part of what the market is expecting thus lowered prices?

    Will the shorts get caught out?

  6. Meanwhile, down here in the Shaky Isles of the South Pacific, Spring has sprung back to Winter with (light) snowfalls on both islands today with more on the way this weekend and into next week. Australia’s mountains are in for a top-up dusting too.

    The two main skiing/boarding fields in the North Island are still open with a 2 metre (6+ ft) snow base while down South there’s six mountains still operating, some of them with a 3 metre (10 ft) base. The sun’s finally got some heat in it as it returns southwards more and more each day, yet cold fronts keep roaring past delivering short, sharp, blizzard-like dumps of fresh, cool, carbon dioxide fallout powder. Huzzah for Huey!

    * Huey is a Polynesian god of the sea revered by surfers and snowboarders for bringing waves and snow.

  7. Hardly evidence of an ice age. Indeed, this type of event is predicted by the scientists looking at AGW and climate change caused by increased CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

    • Considering we are already in an Ice Age and have been for the last 2.8 million years – the definition is two major Ice caps, at or close to both poles, in other words Antarctica and the world’s largest island Greenland.
      At the moment we are in the above zero part of a failing Interglacial called the Holocene and it has been trend cooling for the last 8,000 years with a 6C drop in average temperatures over that period to now.
      This minor 1.3C uptick in warming ceased in 2008 with the advent of this latest “Modern” Grand Solar Minimum, the previous one was called Dalton, these are cyclic events one every 172 years.
      The term you are looking for is MIA or LIA with the latter standing Little Ice Age and lasting no more than 30 years or two solar cycles

  8. usa corn n wheat down soy up
    pity soys GMO and crap for much real use as food unless you have to
    cant make bread etc with it.

    farmers in those areas of russia would be pretty annoyed at the losses, pretty much only good for allowing sheep cows to graze it when the snow melts a bit, if its not mouldy

    downunder we yet again now have possible snow on Vic mountain areas over the next few days..
    and damned cold again on the lowlands as well
    wool socks 2 prs trousers and flannel shirt n heavy wool jumper on and im still not exactly warm- inside my house! ;-/
    and this from the prior day of near 28 and humid, down to 15 or less today

  9. OK … so … atmospheric mixing … cold from the poles towards each equator … heat from the equator towards each pole … A DIFFERENT DYNAMIC … than poles icing over and the cold spreading towards the equator from each pole?

    The former, atmospheric mixing … resulting from more energy in at the poles and thus more energy radiated out by the planet … i.e., radiated outward mostly at the equator and between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn …

    The later, an ice age dynamic … resulting from less energy in at the poles and thus less energy radiated out by the planet … i.e., radiated out at the equator and between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn …

    In either case … solar dynamic related … as any energy taken in at the poles … is solar related … or so it would seem?

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