Snowfall in Fort St. John shatters records set in the 1930s

“Residents are shovelling, the city is plowing, the power is out, postal service is halted, and school buses are cancelled,” says Alaska Highway News.

“Tuesday’s snowfall shattered daily snowfall records dating back to the 1930s.”

A total of 55 cm fell on Tuesday and into early Wednesday, with 23 cm of that amount falling on Tuesday.

“That much snow hasn’t fallen on Oct. 24 since 1933, when 15.2 centimetres was recorded here.

“Another 32 centimetres has fallen so far today — just shy of a record 35.6 centimetres set in 1918.”

Thousands of customers are without power in Fort St. John, Dawson Creek, Chetwynd, Hudson’s Hope, and Taylor.

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  1. Wed, Oct 25, 2017 UK SNOW WARNING: Chart shows terrifying double blast of freezing temperatures hit Britain
    BRITAIN is set to be bombarded by two huge weather systems of snow as freezing temperatures cover the UK over the coming weeks. Shocking forecast models show two freezing systems heading towards the UK and covering Britain in the early days of November.

    Weather models suggest Scotland and parts of northern England will be hit by a blast of cold air before it heads towards the south of Britain.
    In the footage, the first weather system appears to hit the eastern side of Britain, before the second floury of freezing air covers all of the UK.
    The Met Office said the rest of this week will be unusually mild before Polar air arrives at the weekend which could bring snow.
    He said: “There will be a continued risk of ex-hurricane remnants or major low-pressure systems hitting our shores during November and while this will drag in some milder weather it could also lead to significant and widespread snowfall at times, as the remnants or weather systems clash with the colder air across the UK.
    “We feel snow events will almost certainly be undervalued until or after they happen over the next few months.”

    As the clock change looms, and or Sun slowly goes to sleep, winter 2017-18 is shaping up and WeatherAction’s Piers Corbyn has given a taster of his initial winter thoughts reproduced below. Piers Corbyn, forecaster for WeatherAction, said the jet stream is showing signs of diving southwards allowing the polar vortex – a pool of freezing air over the Arctic – to sink across northern Europe.
    He said winter is about to set in early with freezing conditions and even snow possible any time now.
    He said: “We are expecting an early taste of winter this years, it is already starting to feel colder and we could see snow by the end of the month.
    “This could affect large parts of the UK between now and Christmas, this is all part of an new era which we believe is going to lead to a mini ice age.
    “The jet stream is behaving erratically and showing signs of diving southwards over the next few weeks allowing the Polar vortex to sink over Britain.
    “Parts of this winter are shaping up to be particularly harsh.

  2. Surprise.

    Now, when it snows 32 centimeters per day for 7 days? And doesn’t melt……then 32 centimeters per day for another, let’s say, 5 days?…….doesn’t melt………..and this is just the first month of Winter?

    Bye, bye modern civilization. And the Polar Bears freeze to death since it wasn’t warm enough for you?

  3. Okay, the sea surface temperature anomaly for the entire north Pacific just switched from 3/4 cooler to 3/4 warmer. Because of the properties of water holding onto specific heat or something like that longer than air, this isn’t really believable to me unless the ocean is closer to average than what they portray, and the instrument isn’t that sensitive or foolproof. Then there could be a small fluctuation with waves, etc, that’s all I can glean from it. Perhaps they’re making a mountain out of a molehill, like millimeter sea level rise or something, which again, could be attributable just to temperature probably, minute temperature, I’d think.

  4. Snow fell in the west of European Russia (Bielorussia)
    On Wednesday evening it brought down heavy snowfalls on Belarus, in the center and in the east of the country, roads were blocked, in places real snowdrifts were formed!
    According to data on the morning of Thursday, in Minsk and Mogilev the snow cover was 4 cm thick, in Vitebsk, 9 cm of snow fell. But the snowfalls in the west of European Russia will continue. Moreover, today the zone of bad weather will spread to the east.

  5. Told you , lol here are the news articles links to Queensland , wettest and some crop loses

    Top of Queensland a 1200 kms from next area

    More links to follow
    This one central Queensland

    More Articles in weeks to follow looks wet ahead this

    Now some on loses ,, not good

    Umm let us pray for a good crops out USA , Canada this year and no early frost or prices go up

    • If your friend will send a couple of those photos to me (and give me permission to use them) I’d be more than happy to post them.

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