Snowfall in Galiyat two weeks earlier than usual

The Dir-Chitral Road was closed for traffic after heavy snowfall  on Friday night and Saturday morning, leaving hundreds of commuters, including some patients, stranded.

Most people faced food shortages and demanded the authorities to reopen the tunnel. However, there was no response from them.

The Dir-Chitral road is the only road route from Chitral to other parts of the province.

The Galiyat region of Abbottabad district, roughly 50–80 km north-east of Islamabad, Pakistan,  received the season’s first snowfall on Saturday.

It started snowing in Nathiagali, Ayubia and Changlagali among other hill stations at around 11am.  Nearly two inches of snow accumulated, which melted soon after.

Sardar Qaem Khan, an elder from Ayubia, said the snowfall has started two weeks earlier than usual. “Weather conditions are changing in our area; Galiyat usually receives heavy snowfall in the second week of December,” he said.

The second spell of snowfall is usually heavier and paralyses life in the region. Poor management by the Galiyat Development Authority usually means that roads leading to Ayubia bazaar, Nathiagali and other hilly areas are blocked for days.

Meanwhile, in Garam Chasma, Kalash Valley and Bomborat, five inches of snowfall was recorded.

More snowfall is expected in the coming days.

So much for global warming.

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