Snowfall in Tucson Arizona tonight

Snowfall in Tucson Arizona tonight

Snowfall all the way to the valley floor. Also, a hard freeze warning.

How’s that global warmin’ workin’ for ya, Tucson?

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  1. On New Year’s Eve we got snow in Anza Borego and up in the mountains here in San Diego County as part of the same storm that hit Vegas. Tonight we’ve got freezing temperatures, right around 32F at my place and still dropping. Not unusual for this time of year once or twice a season, but what is strange is that it was cold during the day today and yesterday too. We had a high in the low to mid 50s and it was jacket weather all day, even though I was working in the yard the whole time and the sun was shining. As soon as the sun went down I couldn’t take the freezing hands and called it a night. For it to ever be that cold in the early evening is also unusual. We’re about 17 miles from the coast at low elevation to give a reference, not on some mountain top way inland.

  2. .. curse of the snow gods or something?? And here I am planning on moving to southern AZ (to Green Valley, which is 20 miles or so south of Tucson) to get away from the snow!

    But at least it doesn’t happen often and no where near as likely to get covered by miles of ice, like it would be in New England where I was born & raised.

  3. There is snow in Tucson. Not the mountains around Tucson. Tucson. No rain. Across the Mexican border. Science is settled all right. Yesterday was the cold night further north too. I’ve been through Tucson. Though I don’t know the elevation, I think it probably snows less there than Phoenix. There are isolated, tall, freestanding mountains. This is everywhere there. Radar indicated.

  4. Snow in the dessert Southwest! Wondering if we are ever going to get any snow for the southeast and Atlanta this winter! The forecast has been bleak and wet! Boring weather!

  5. Yep, it’s there, valley floor. Yesterday, I thought it might have been too soon to say negative 20 F degrees for Montana. I thought I heard them say negative 27 for the prediction. That’s rare for them to say, not as rare for to happen here, actually. Normally they don’t say below negative 20 it seems. Anyway, someone said it did get that cold, and I believe it ( it was 40s inside). They said it got to -30 when I was gone a few weeks ago in Arizona, as nd it didn’t snow that far south then. The bottom of the river is frozen (Montana). Someone said that’s a phenomenon of this particular river, not sure whether I believe that. Spelling of Tucson is looking really wrong to me, I guess because I just encountered s guy who said he was from Tuscaloosa, possibly.

    • Friend about 100 miles SE of Tucson sent me pics… he has more snow in his yard than I do here in the garden belt of SE Montana. Yesterday it was down to zero here (officially -11 at the airport, not that cold at my house) and ice was popping on the Yellowstone River (which is pretty shallow; you could probably walk across most of it during the dry season).

      This is a few miles NW of Lancaster, in the SoCal desert, after the Great Snow of December 2008:
      We only got about 8″; some parts of Palmdale got 3 FEET.

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