Snowfall in Kiev – On May 10

Includes video.

Much more snow was on the highway Kiev-Chernigov. See photo.

On May 10 in Kiev on Lukyanovka and in the Podolsky district snow fell. This is reported by users in social networks.

“It was snow. Thick. Cereals. Within a minute. And I would have missed it if there had not been a sudden explosion of insane child happiness in the nearby kindergarten, which made me take my eyes off the computer. The sun has melted it all in seconds, “- wrote journalist Julia Borisko in her Facebook.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for these links

In Kyev, Ukrain, now the European Songfestival is going on, says Argiris. “Millions of people in Europe and Australia (this country is strangely enough also participating in the EUROvision Songfestival) are watching this event on television.

None of the reporters has mentioned: Guess what, today it was snowing here. The snow did not last long in the city, but on the road to Chernigov there was much more snow.

The MSM keeps quiet about snowfall, the public doesn’t need to know this. This is how Fake News manipulates us.

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  1. Moscow is experiencing unusual cold weather as well. There has been reported a snow cover of 4 cm in Klin (part of Moscow suburbs) on 10th May, which has never happened since they’ve been recording weather data. Also the government decided to relaunch the heating in Moscow.

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