Dense layer of snow on border between El Salvador and Honduras

10 Feb 2016 –  It has been snowing on the mountain El Pital in the border area between El Salvador and Honduras, where freezing temperatures are presented.

The weather phenomenon was reported by the media and Televicentro HRN.

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3 thoughts on “Dense layer of snow on border between El Salvador and Honduras”

  1. According to Wikipedia temperatures in the highest parts of El Salvador *approximate* the freezing point sometimes, but there is no mention to snow…

  2. Not sure I completely trust a site where Google Translate shows the “previous article” as titled

    “He drowned with the sperm of her lover”


  3. I speak spanish, that place has a usual temp that hovers around 12C.

    It has snowed a couple of times in the past, they mentioned once in april 2004 and again in july 2014. They says is more like a couple of inches of frost that kinds of looks like snow. Remember we don’t get snow in Central America, and elevations even on Volcanoes are not that high and we are way south close to the Ecuator.

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