Snowfall records toppled in South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin

16 Apr 2018 – In Minnesota, the snowstorm (blizzard) broke three records.

The 14.9 inches (37.8 cm) of snow that fell at Minneapolis airport from Friday through Sunday set a record for the city’s largest April snowstorm ever, and made it the snowiest April on record in the Twin Cities. It also made it the city’s all-time snowiest start to a calendar year, with 70.3 inches (178.6 cm) since Jan. 1.

In South Dakota, Sioux Falls set two snowfall records, first, for a single day in April at 13.7 inches (34.8 cm) Saturday, and second, with a total of 24.9 inches (63.2 cm) it broke the record for the month. Meanwhile, Huron, SD. set a two-day record for April with 15.5 (39.4 cm) of snow, as did Mitchell with its two-day total of  16.2 inches (41.1 cm).

The 23.5 inches (59.7 cm) of snow that fell in Green Bay, Wisconsin, made it the all-time second largest snowstorm in Green Bay history. It also brought total snowfall for the month to 35 inches (89 cm), making it the city’s snowiest April on record.

Latest WPC summary of the storm:

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  1. Additional coverage of the massive extent of the snowfall records set in Green Bay and elsewhere in the upper Midwest:

    As a spring snow, the water content was VERY high. Standard SWE (snow water equivalent) is typically 12:1 or 10:1 inches. This snowfall’s SWE was much higher. If some of these totals (>30 inches) had fallen as a drier more typical snow, it’s conceivable the final snowfall total would be perhaps double or triple the official measurements—enough to bury homes in snow drifts to the second story in height.

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