Snowiest and coldest May in centuries – but there’s nothing see here, just move along

Looking at brutal consequences for everyone concerned.

Snowiest and coldest May in centuries – but there’s nothing see here, just move along

LLoyd Martin Hendaye

This cold-wave is not just a U.S. but a northern hemisphere phenomenon, reflecting the final 20-year (2010- ’29) “amplitude compression” phase of Earth’s 140-year rebound from the 500-year, Holocene-ending Little Ice Age (LIA) of AD 1350 – 1850/1890.

Following the UK’s coldest April since 1922, Merrie England now records her coldest May in 362 years, since record-keeping began in 1659 amidst the LIA’s 70-year Maunder Minimum (1645 – 1715).

As temperatures drop below the 17th Century’s last Grand Solar Minimum, outdoing 1979’s “super-weak” Solar Cycle 20, Spring 2021 sets not only the coldest but the snowiest May in centuries, with knee-deep and widespread drifts re-opening ski resorts from England’s Lake District to the Scottish Highlands. Come summer, we’ll monitor reports for evidence of un-melted snowfalls as in Finland 2020, for that’s how glacial accumulations build.

Needless to say, had this been an unprecedented heatwave, media allied with crony-socialist officialdom would stand aghast at benighted humanity’s failure to sense impending Climate Doom. Yet as it stands, neither the BBC nor U.K. Met Office (weather service) acknowledges anything unusual, waving off reports with nary a note of context or perspective.

As this final chill-phase runs its course through 2029, reigning Establishments’ self-delusion shades to a democidal death-wise with brutal consequences for everyone concerned.

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  2. Here in extreme NE Calif, Modoc County, this week has been very hot, unofficially 94f Snowpack is very low but still some seen on nearby mountains, which go up to 9000 feet

    • I’m in Lake county and our heat was late, it’s real hot right now but most of May was very nice. We got next to no rain this winter though. Gonna be a long fire season….

      • That`s odd…My ex lives in Nevada county and received lots of precipitation.
        I understand the draining of the dams was intentional.
        Take it from there

  3. Sure wasn’t a normal May here in Oklahoma City. I never turned my AC on once. And while I only used the heater at night, not using the AC in May is pretty odd for sure. Even the first 10 days or so in June, the local forecast shows being below average. May finally start to warm up to close the mid to upper 80’s by mid June. Usually we’re sweltering in the nid 90’s this time of year.

    • Pretty much the same thing here in Rock Hill, SC. Temperatures have been anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees below normal. In early May we had a day with the high temperature at 46 degrees when it’s normally in the lower 80’s.

  4. queensland our tropical state is expecting possible snow and very cold weather this week downunder. snow as low as 900mt which is the same as forecast for victoria this coming week also, brrr

    • I think it is a reference to the “democide” likely to result from a cold growing season and crop failures. All while saying how “hot” it will be and doing things “exactly wrong” for the situation.

  5. Where does this claim about our May temperature come from? Paul Homewood’s excellent site is not saying this and would certainly would if it was true.

  6. Is this partly a manifestation of pure disappointment that the Covid-19 pandemic didn’t result in gazillions of dead people worldwide? Really, that was the original prediction. If it were the Middle Ages, the Plagues were worse. What happens when we have another Plague of CV-19 come fall? (No need to answer; someone will come up with some kind of panicky gimmick.) But that’s why we develop vaccines. If we didn’t, polio would still be an enormous threat, same for diphtheria, whooping cough, influenza, measles, etc. IF the world warms up too much, it’s entirely possible that a very vile disease called sleeping sickness, which originates in Africa, could become another plague.

    CV-19 Total # cases to date: 173 million
    Total death rate to date: 3.71 milion
    World population to date: 7,874,965,825 (That’s 7.875 billions)

    Despite the theatrics of that dork at CDC, we’re under a greater threat from the flu every fall than anything else, because it flourishes in the cold and loves it when people crowd together.

    And if the weather (which may become much longer term, hence climate) keeps taking downward turns owing to a weak Sun and other things, we need to be prepared for that. Not at all sure I want to leave the warmth of my personal cave and go hunt the wandering herds, just to put food on the table.

    Civilization was fun while it lasted, wasn’t it? 🙂

    • I’d like to add here that we desperately need rain where I am. The lawns, roadsides, park areas and even the marshes where the wading birds feed look like it’s the end of July or mid-August, not the beginning of June.

      Old Farmer’s Almanac predicted a hot June, but we haven’t had the predicted rain in a volume high enough to keep the lawns green. Also, the mosquito count is down drastically. That may have to do with people being shut-ins last summer and having their lawns sprayed for mosquito control, followed by this summer’s premature dry season. Bonus is having no mosquitoes, but we do need rain!!!

  7. I have considered for an number of years how climate and environment precipitate, influence and expedite human events. If we consider England, exclusively with reference to this matter, one will observe that, the English Civil War, “corresponds,” in general terms, with the start of the “Maunder Minimum.”

    The English Civil War, fought between Royalists and Parliamentarians, (otherwise known as “Cavaliers” and “Roundheads”), was fought between 1642 and 1651. The beginning of the “Maunder Minimum.” Which occurred between 1645 and 1715.

    Other dates and events significant to the history of England at this time include 1715, the date of the first “Highland Rising,” against the Georges of the House of Orange. Who had usurped the throne of England from the Stuarts.

    And, of greatest significance for those who read and contribute to this page, 1710 was distinguished by the particularly long, cold, and bleak winter. which resulted in “food shortages in major cities.” And, probably, “social disturbances” in these cities as well. Consequent to the cold and the hunger which afflicted their populations. History may or may not repeat itself. But climate and environment do.

  8. Down here in Tasmania Australian we are being hit by yet another polar vortex coming up from Antarctica, this is the third one in three years now. They used to be very rare occurrences, now they are common.

  9. It’s been a trend. It certainly was here. Winter basically a lot of the time. Normally, after the snow melts in tge spring, it quickly melts after new accumulation once it stops. Not this time. After 4 days of heavy cold rain and more than a foot of snow it took days to melt. Say nothing about all the higher elevation that hadn’t melted yet.

  10. It’s 6/6/21 @ 09:40 AM and there’s fresh snow again here on the NW US ski area cams, more snow in the forecast.

  11. I’m sorry but this is complete and utter rubbish.

    The CET, the Central England Temperature series, recorded a May temperature which was only the coldest since 2013.

    Yes, it was darned cold until the last week of the month, when we had pleasant summer temperatures of 21-26C highs and night-time lows of a balmy 11-13C.

    The effect of those last seven days means that the month was anything but record-breaking.

    • Whenever it is colder, California has a drought.

      All our water comes off the Pacific Ocean, and that is cold. About 45 F off shore (it varies some). So mostly we get rain only in winter, as during summer any moisture off the ocean can’t get cold enough to precipitate. We need ocean temps to be above air temps ashore to get both evaporation from the ocean and precipitation over land.

      So a very cold ocean means less rain / snow in winter. Just how it goes. In the ’70s we had a terrible drought. ( I was learning to ski then and got to cross straw patches on Mountain Run at Squaw Valley about 7000 ft up…) It corresponded with a snow event in the Central Valley where it almost never snows… So we got “a dusting” at low elevations 1/2 way from mountains to ocean, but very little made it to the mountains.

      Per La Nina:
      says it gets wetter in the NW.

      U.S. La Niña Impacts
      The first three months of the year during a La Niña typically feature below normal precipitation in the Southwest, the central and southern sections of the Rockies and Great Plains, and Florida. Meanwhile, the odds of surplus precipitation increase across the Pacific Northwest, in the northern Intermountain West, and over scattered sections of the north-central states, Ohio Valley, and upper Southeast. La Niña features unusually cold weather in the Northwest and (to a lesser extent) northern California, the northern Intermountain West, and the north-central states. Farther south, higher than normal temperatures are slightly favored in a broad area covering the southern Rockies and Great Plains, the Ohio Valley, the Southeast, and the mid-Atlantic states.

      FWIW, it has been very dry, but also colder than in the last few decades, here in Silly Con Valley south of San Francisco. It is much more like it was in the early ’70s before the PDO flipped, and cooler than the ’90s.

      Do a web search on “Great Pacific Climate Shift” of 1976/77 and you can see what most of “global warming” in the USA was really caused by…

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