Snowiest Easter in Indiana history


“The April 1 snowfall was record-breaking!” says

“It broke the April 1 record of 2″, which was set in 1924. It was also the snowiest Easter in recorded Indiana history. The previous record for the holiday was 0.3″ set in both 1972 and 1964.”

West Lafayette and Rossville reported nearly 6″ with Lebanon reporting about 4″ and Indianapolis 2″.

Indianapolis – 1 Apr 2018 – Courtesy Dan Hammer

As I said, that’s according to But residents say otherwise.

According to Indianapolis resident Dan Hammer, about 4 inches of snow fell late yesterday. “This makes nearly 18 inches of snow at my place since the start of spring,” says Hammer. “An entire winter averages about 28 inches.” iana/

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5 thoughts on “Snowiest Easter in Indiana history”

  1. I can vouch for Rossville. Had to clean off the old lady’s car this morning.

    I can also say that 12 hours later, it’s mostly gone.

  2. “Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall” are recent Climatic Terms.

    For the most part, it was called Ice Ages. Get used to calling it that again, Mr. Hammer.

  3. while gore n the rest keep mouthing rubbish…the people who are still buying extra fuel to keep warm and having to battle to shop n go to work are coming to terms with reality;-) not the unicorn fart warmist claptrap.
    rather heartening to know theyre being woken up by ma nature;-)

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