Snowiest October on record in both Wisconsin and Minnesota

Already the snowiest October on record! With eight days to go! And more snow on the way!

The 7.2 inches of snow that fell on Eau Claire, Wisconsin, on October 23 broke the previous October record of 5.9 inches set in 1925.

The 8.9 inches that fell on the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota broke the old record of 8.2 inches set in 1991.

And the 7.2 inches that fell on St. Cloud, Minnesota broke the previous record of 6.4 inches set in 2002.

Thanks to Don Wilkening for this info

2 thoughts on “Snowiest October on record in both Wisconsin and Minnesota”

  1. I have a friend in Minneapolis who insists we must vote for Trump again. If Trump loses, he’s facing heating bills 4 times higher in a few years if Biden and his socialist policies pan out. Plus he’d be facing much higher natural gas and gasoline prices as well – a disaster for people up North, especially with the colder climate.

  2. I’ll agree with you. It was snowiest for the date and mid October for sure. The other storm which they will cite happened on October 31st, Halloween, and probably hadn’t stopped snowing by November, so didn’t get some of that more than a foot in October. Anyway, it’s clearly trending earlier. Even though that one event was significant in the early 90s, I’m losing track of the total amount of snow with multiple snowstorms already, including today. It probably is the snowiest October there in places for certain. It’s not over either! Too early for agriculture

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