Snowing on Adriatic islands – Video

25 Apr 2016 – Don’t know if this is unusual or not.  But it sure doesn’t look like global warming.

Thanks to Željko for thjs video

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    • True. But, we are already in an Ice Age, with a large Ice Cap at or near both poles, and have been since the Drake Passage opened some 2.5 million years ago. The normal climate for the Earth is in a major Glaciation advance condition.
      Each of the previous Interglacials reached much higher temperatures, and higher values of CO2 than now. This Interglacial in comparison is barely above in temperature terms, of moving in a major Glaciation period of around 140,000 years when compared to other Glaciations.
      Frankly, I would prefer another 4C rise in UK temperatures but, I’m not going to get it as the cost of relocating a few hundred thousand pacific islanders from a 1m rise in sea levels, which isn’t going to happen, would be far less in value terms than the wholesale destruction of the current world wide economy.
      60 % of all world-wide GDP output is connected with the extraction, production, building and servicing of the various forms of chemical and nuclear energy production.
      Oil prices have halved, and in so doing so, the world’s economy is virtually in a recession. Outlaw all forms of chemical energy production to curtail or even end CO2 production and just how big a recession or depression can the world expect, or even worse survive?

  1. I live on a nearby island and snow is very rare on Adriatic islands, even in the middle of the winter. And now is almost May and there is 10cm of snow.

    • we had a similar situation on the island of Tiree, an island in the Gulf Stream warmed Hebrides, noted for its lack of snow and frost–very unusual

  2. Nope, not too unusual given the location is right off the coast of Croatia. Rome is about the same Lat. as Chicago, and these islands are mostly N. of Rome lat.

    • As I said in the previous post, snow here on the islands is very rare due to fact that winter Adriatic sea temperature is around 12-13 degrees Celsius. On the mainland just a 100 km north behind the mountains it is not unusual to have temps below 0 degrees and lot of snow.

  3. This is normal for Globalist Warming. Al Gore clearly stated that right before run-away deadly Globalist Warming, there would be Capitalist Generated Snow. Now, you all go back to sleep.

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