Snowing at Stevens Pass Ski Area

Stevens Pass Washington Ski Area, live web  cams. Lots of snow, but according to their website the ski area is not scheduled to open until early December.

View from Lower Skyline Camera 20 Oct 19

The base of the ski area stands at 4,061 ft (1,238 m) elevation

Thanks to Oly for this link

Here’s a link to the Washington Dept of Transportation web cam for Stevens Pass:

And here’s the link for Snoqualmie Pass:

4 thoughts on “Snowing at Stevens Pass Ski Area”

    • You open up now with no base and skiers have accidents, you are talking serious lawsuits. You wait two to three days after 50cm snowfall before even considering putting the piste machines out, otherwise you just go straight through to the grass or rocks below….

  1. It’s been snowing constantly in the mountains of Montana. Yellowstone has been closed more than open, and all they want to do is talk about that one warm time 5 years ago, or pretend it’s warm now.

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