Snowing hard at Crystal Mt Ski area in Washington

Two feet (60 cm) of snow in the forecast, and the resort isn’t scheduled to open until mid-November.

10/19/2019 10:30 AM

“Snowing hard at Crystal Mt Ski area in Washington St USA,” says reader. “Forecast is for two feet (60 cm) this weekend.

“Currently: 26 degrees F , wind 22 mph , snowing sideways !!!”

Live cams:

“Third weekend in Oct with snow in Washington State ! I’ve never seen this and I was a ski instructor and built/operated ski lifts back in the seventies.”

“More mountain live cams, snowing on all passes in Washington this weekend.”

Thanks to Oly for this info

5 thoughts on “Snowing hard at Crystal Mt Ski area in Washington”

  1. and my friend in washington state was saying the snows had vanished forever
    and hasnt spoken to me since I replied that is wasnt Warming but cyclical, and theyd return
    somehow I dont think he will write and tell me how good the snows now are..;-))

  2. If it was warmer than normal Crystal Mt would not be gearing up to open in mid November. If November and early December are warmer than normal they would pray for Santa to cool it down and bring snow so they could open for the holidays.
    2014/2015 season there was no snow:
    SC24 solar flares had tipped the scales, El Nino was epic.
    The global warmers went loopy and remain so even though things have cooled back down. Get over it. There is no climate 911,just normal variations controlled by the SUN.

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