Snowing hard on the Olympic Peninsula at sea level

See webcam.

“Snowing hard here on the Olympic Peninsula at sea level,” says reader. “Maybe another foot today.”

Highway 2, closed since Sunday, is still closed because too much snow is felling trees on the road.

Thanks to Oly for this link

8 thoughts on “Snowing hard on the Olympic Peninsula at sea level”

  1. The info at the webcam site says it’s 4.061 feet above sea level. Where did the sea level come from? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. Per my last post, I suppose at sea level in that area it would be about 33F or 1C so it possibly could snow at sea level. In cloudy and snow conditions, the temp should increase around 3.3F as you get closer to sea level from 4,000 feet. So that would put it around 33 or 34F.

  3. Forks is West Coast of Oly Pen.8 ” there according to friends. I m from Port Townsend. Lotta snow for that whole area. Lets get some pictures.

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