Snowing heavily at Mt Bachelor ski area

See webcams

The Mt. Bachelor ski area (in Oregon) has awesome cams, says reader. They’ve had almost 15 inches of snow since closing yesterday

Thanks to Oly for this link

3 thoughts on “Snowing heavily at Mt Bachelor ski area”

  1. Highway 2 closed since Sunday night, too much snow !

    Unpredictable ? Snow brought down trees and power lines , who would have predicted that? The trees should have been cut back from the road and the power lines should be underground, simple prior proper planning.
    It was predictable that the road WOULD close because they did not do their job of preparing for winter.

  2. That’s pretty good. However, Mt Baker ski area in NW Washington state has received over 150 inches of snow in the past 14 days. 32 inches in the past 48 hours alone according to their webpage as of 5:03 this morning. For the most part, Mt Baker is king when it comes to snow base but Mt Bachelor is a great Ski and Snowboard destination. This has been an epic snow cycle for the NW. Unfortunately, these episodes are usually followed by a warm-up and a dose of the pineapple express with wet weather coming in off of the Pacific from near Hawaii which then leads to flooding. Typical west coast weather…

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