Snowing in Alberta

“Weather that is decidedly more like winter than summer,” says Environment Canada. (Even though it is technically still summer for another 10 days.)


12 Sep 2018 – Snow has begun to blanket parts of northern Alberta, including in Fort McMurray and Grande Prairie.

Environment Canada issued a special weather statement on Monday, saying a cool air mass will invade much of Alberta this week.

That statement was later upgraded to a snowfall warning for parts of northern Alberta, where between 10 and 15 centimetres of snow could fall.

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7 thoughts on “Snowing in Alberta”

  1. I find this far more exciting than that stupid hurricane! They ought to publicize the early snow up there as much as they hype up Florence. But because it doesn’t fit their liberal agenda, you won’t be hearing much about early snows.

  2. and the aussie online “pravda” is already trying to imply..oh lets be Honest
    states rather openly that manmade climate warming is causing slow/faster / wet and whatever cyclones to hit usa
    see shes down to a CAT 1 on landfall and winds seem to be around 80k mark
    a LOT of water though near 70kg per metre2 according to nullschools charts
    thats newguinea highland sorta rain event ie FEET fall in staggering deluges.

  3. worst case of ‘hes an utter bastard” so far is some guy bitching he evacced and left his FOUR cats alone in the house to fend for themselves while HE got to safety..and now??? hes upset cos they might be alone and unfed for more than 4 days?
    hope your aspca etc charge him with neglect

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