Snowing in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota

Welcome to the new and improved version of global warming.

A Winter Storm Warning is now in effect for La Moure and Dickey Counties, North Dakota, says the National Weather Service. “Several reports of cars in ditches, downed tree branches, and power outages. Expect a storm total 6 to 9 inches (15 to 22 cm) in these areas.”

9 thoughts on “Snowing in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota”

  1. NOTHING will be mentioned of this.

    We are going to have 24/7/365 reports on the last 2 Hurricanes and TRUMP will be blamed for all of it.

    The African-American Mayor of Tallahassee, FL., running for Gov. of Florida, is going to use the disaster of his City to attack, over and over, TRUMP policies.

    The stupid will buy it.

    It is going to get really ugly, and not just the weather.

    • My guess is this

      They (the elite, etc) will use politics as a means of diversion from what is really going on. What is really going on is much different weather, much higher food prices and a global economic depression. Those 3 combined things will be bad. But people will be blinded because they have netflix and their politics. To vote left or right is pretty pointless in the big picture. But they want us divided.

      To all people who read this, find your spiritual place because we are in for an hell of a ride. Have water, food, and shelter. Since this website attracts the right kind of people maybe Robert could make a forum where we can talk more?

  2. I wonder when the last time that the US had a major hurricane strike and a blizzard going on at the same time,

  3. Probably at the end of every 70 year warm period such as 1940 to 2008 and the start of a Grand Solar Minimum such as this modern one and at the start of the Dalton GSM 1790 to 1820.

  4. I bet Russia has often had early onset winters so it would be a good idea to google for help and learn some survival strategies from them.
    Meanwhile the UK, i’m a concerned Brit, has had very mixed weather. Sun, winds, storms, the works. I think I am stocked up enough with whisky.
    Scottish snow patches? Doing fair on the Nevis Range. Keep yous informed. Now for another wee dram of whisky LOL.

  5. Spot on Jim Bob. Follow the regression playing the yearly clamte reocrd backward since super storm sandy in 2012, and you see how closely it ryhmes with where we are headed , Dalton… then surprise! Muander Minimum.

  6. It snowed the last week of October last year in International Falls…..This year mid month……Imagine maybe October 1st next year lol

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