Snowing in Tasmania – In the summer! – Video

Snow has fallen in mountainous parts of Tasmania, rounding out a summer of dramatic weather changes in Australia. Of course the BBC calls it a “cold snap.” ummer-of-extremes

Thanks to Dean Koehler for this video

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  1. I live in Tasmania and it has been a bizarre summer. It was freezing cold for the first third of summer, them blistering hot for about a Month, and now towards the end of summer it has gotten cold again with frosts and snow reported in several areas.

  2. 6c in Vic last night and prob same again I just had to turn fan heater on as Im getting chilled.
    Robert I sent you a link to Bom report of Vic COOLER than avg summer…made me smile after all the hottest evah(a few days) reportage earlier

    • Here in Japan we have had a crazy winter. Here it probably has been the hottest evah!
      Never know it so warm and with so little snow.
      Usually the only thing to fall from the sky here between Dec and Feb is snow this year with the exception of just a few days it has been rain. While we have had a few very cold spells and some very sharp frosts, it has not been consistant and very up and down, most up very little down.
      So far this whole winter just 65cm of snow, and none in February. In my 20 plus years of living in Japan this has to be one of the crappiest winters ever.
      Some sky resorts have gone out of business this year because it did not snow even once so could not open.
      Last year was just as rubbish too in this half of the country. This year apart from Hokkaido which has faired better everwhere is rubbish.
      I hope this is a temporary glitch in the weather.
      Seems the last couple of years places that dont usually get snow are getting snow and places that do, are not.
      I think the main factor is the position of the jet stream being further one way or the other not allowing for the regular weather patturns to form. Hopefully during this year they will move back to where they should be, although somehow I do not think that will be the case.
      I think the tilt of the earth has also changed ever so slightly causing these weird weather patturns.
      That with the lack of sun spots I reckon we will be in for a number of crazy years with very unpredictable weather and climate.
      Just my observations based on what I have read and observed.
      Would like to here what other people have to say or think about this. Someone in the know. I am just a weather enthusias so only going by what I see and read.

  3. Two days ago in Nth Central Vic we had 2C and frost on the roof and my OH lit the woodstove. This morning the min was 5C! It is supposed to be summer. They tell us autumn starts tomorrow, the 1st of March, but I always consider the equinoxes and solstices to be the change of season.

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