Snowing in Turkey in August – Video

Look at the video. This is NOT hail.

24 Aug 2019 – Video was taken this morning (Saturday) in the Eastern Black Sea Youth Camp in the Düzköy district of Trabzon, Turkey.

The August snowfall surprised and amazed residents. Some were shocked.

Thanks to Enviem in Turkey for this video

“I try to follow up relevant developments in my country, Turkey,” says Enviem. “I appreciate your efforts for raising awareness on the issue and related issues (political corruption etc.).”

17 thoughts on “Snowing in Turkey in August – Video”

  1. Hi

    Total hoax – at the beginning of the video you can see quite clearly the rain falling. Then the video slows down to make it appear that the raindrops are falling snow. Plus, you can`t mask the drum of raindrops on the roof.

    • I am glad you caught that. Too many sites like this are preaching the lie of Global Cooling, when we all know the world is getting hotter and hotter every single day.

      We need people like you to remind us that the UN and Dr. Al Gore are the only ones who know the TRUTH.

      Keep up the good work.

      • “the UN and Dr. Al Gore are the only ones who know the TRUTH” Also Prince Charles, the Pope, Leonardo di Caprio and a little girl. All with impeccable scientific credentials.

  2. Don’t degrade this excellent site with fake news. This is a video of rain and hail, it is obvious the reporter has slowed the video to look like snowfall. You don’t get rain with snow. KEEP IT REAL. there are many people like me who look for sites like this to find out some truth. We don’t expect to see this kind of stuff from a site that is doing a good job of promoting truth.

    • Although I also say this video is fake, you actually can get rain with snow. We sometimes get it here. When hot and cold air mixes it can be cold enough to snow and warm enough to rain at the same time if the freezing level is just at a certain height.
      And I dont mean sleet either. It really can rain and snow at the same time.

    • You don’t get rain with snow. ummm I’ve seen rain with snow a number of times in my life so You might want to be careful about declarations about “facts” Is it common ? probably not but I’ve seen it. I’ve been in it.

  3. Sounds and looks like rain and may be wet snow. Trabson is on the north coast of Turkey near the east end of the country.

  4. That’s real snow, mixed with rain, half-melted and clumped together, because half-melted falling almost as fast as rain, most of it melting the instant of hitting the ground. Though I’m surprised to see some accumulation on the grasses and roofs. I’ve been out in weather like that—wet, cold, miserable. Feels colder because all wet.

  5. Sadly I totally agree with most posts here. It is obviously rain. You can even see the drops hitting the puddles. I totally enjoy this site but this is definitely not a video that supports the statement. Let’s get this corrected, there is so much other good news out there supporting cooling.

  6. I see the rain dripping from the roof, and splashing into the puddles, but he DID say that the snow had turned to rain. I think I see snow on the ground; perhaps his command of English made it unclear which was actually happening when he was filming.

  7. Global Cooling is a reality. The earthquakes are happening so often now it’s crazy. Just another one hit Oregon today at 6.1. People who can’t see that Al Gore has diminished their reasoning to the IQ of a 5 year old, can’t be helped.

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