Snowing in Washington State

Snowing at two ski areas within a 2-hour drive of Seattle.

Snowing, Crystal Mt :

Crystal Mountain, WA – 14 Oct 2020

Snowing at Stevens Pass:

I (Robert) have skied both of these mountains.

Thanks to Oly for these links.

Snow at these ski resorts is rare for Oct 14, says Oly.

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  1. Locally, we have an excellent meteorologist of the “old school” (no global warming stuff) who will tell you that the jet stream is really being yanked good and hard right now.
    Normally, in my area (upper Midwest), it does not start to get cold until the end of September.
    The geese tend to stick around to fatten up for the long flights south, and they won’t leave until the food sources are used up and/or the weather is really cold. This time, on September 9, there was a southbound flight very early in the morning. Saw them when I went out to get the paper, and I did wonder if it was just a prolonged training flight or an early start to migration.
    Haven’t seen more since then, and I get up around 5AM to get the paper, so it may have been an all-day training flight for the offspring, but I always make a note of these things when they show up as oddities.
    We had slop and cold last winter. Some northern flocks moving south decided to stop over at a large nearby lake in mid-December, and while it was cold, the sky was slightly overcast and they would not take off until the sun was visible through the clouds. There’s plenty of food and open water around here, so they could have stayed all winter, but chose to continue southbound.
    And we had a power outage shortly after that, in the middle of another slop storm.
    Things are changing. We need to be prepared to deal with those changes and NOT take anything for granted, whether it’s telecommunications access, or electricity to run the furnace, or just access to healthy food.

    • Geese showed up behind my home here in Texas this morning. First time I’ve seen them this year. Haven’t lived here long enough to know if this is unusual or not.

    • Those geese may have been sensing the changes in barometric pressure and humidity that would indicated a storm coming. I keep an eye on the weather map on the local newscasts, because the weatherman shows the changes in the jet stream, those Rossby waves that indicate severe weather coming, and the people to the state north of mine have had snow in odd quantities. Now, they are getting more.
      Last year, it was really so mild that the geese were hanging out in a fishing lake near me in December, and not taking off to go further south until they could see the sun. By that time, it was past 10AM.
      Keep an eye on those geese, Robert, and record what they do. There may be more coming to your area before long.

  2. have an old friend i n washington state we havent “spoken” since he said global warming had made skiing in ws a thing of the past and got very miffed when i said it was cyclical and would again
    wonder if I will hear from him again?
    dont think so;-)

    • Probably not. Those who are brainwashed into believing the leftist lies will lie to *themselves* to justify their having become emotionally invested in the lie, rather than reject the lie and become a proponent of espousing reality.

      As I tell all the leftists as I’m drop-kicking them across the internet (because drop-kicking delusional reality-denying kooks is fun and entertaining):
      “Eventually, you will deny reality to such an extent, delude yourself to such an extent, that there will come a time when you can legitimately be classified as clinically insane. Your political ideology / religion of leftism / socialism did this to you. When you have that sudden epiphany that you’ve become divorced from reality, remember these words. Grasp onto reality with everything you’ve got, and don’t let go. Those whom you thought you could trust will attempt to drag you back down into the hazy stupor of leftism. Don’t let them. Stay awake. Stay alert. No matter what. Your life depends upon it. Those leftists you thought you could trust would destroy your life to save their leftist religion.”


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