Snowing ‘like winter’ in France

Hikers rescued in Pyrenees

Picture taken by PGHM de Luchon during the rescue

Gendarmes in Luchon intervened this Monday to rescue a couple of hikers buried under snow, one of whom suffered a broken ankle. The intervention took place on the descent of the Pic du Cagire (1912m).

Despite it “snowing like in winter,” a team of five gendarmes went to the location. The victim was taken down slopes where 20cm (8 inches) of fresh snow had accumulated.

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6 thoughts on “Snowing ‘like winter’ in France”

  1. “Snowing like in Winter”

    “Neiger comme en hiver”?

    Stupid French. Really. I hope their Arabic, African and Asian (new) French Citizens are provided with nice warm apartments and warm food…………………………

  2. Cold enough on Monday for wet snow here (2c) in Normandy, at 200-300m. It didn’t settle but boy it felt cold. For some reason 2-3c in April feels like -8 in January. 3 weeks ago, we had 26c so it’s all over the place.

  3. Look, there’s clearly been a misunderstanding. We didn’t say “snow will be a thing of the past” we said “Snow will be a thing of the PASSES.., in spring. Or just all the time really.” You must have misheard us.


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